Re: [tied] the cat

From: Ben McGarr
Message: 15928
Date: 2002-10-05

Couldn't both the p_s and the k_t groups be the product of
necessity? In my admittedly limited experience, the two are often
found in tandem. Everybody [or is this a wholly NW Old World
phenomenon?] knows that cats only respond to sounds like kssss ksss
ksss or psss pssss psss or kittty kittty kittty! The Russians say
kot or koshka but get cats' attention by using the psss! sound. My
Russian girlfriend calls her cat Busyukin [don't laugh!], when I
asked her if it mean anything she just said it's a naturally good
name for a cat because they like such sounds. Maybe it's a halfway
decent approximation of the rustling sounds and squeakings made by
mice in tall grass? Either way, it's the animal that is dictating
how its name should be, not the human for once.

What do they say in China, Australia, Borneo, the Kalahari or Tierra
del Fuego when they wish to attract a pussycat?