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9100Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-06Re: [tied] Re: Satem shift
9101celteuskara@...2001-09-06Re: [tied] Re: Scientific Nationalism?
9102markodegard@...2001-09-06[tied] Re: Scientific Nationalism?
9103markodegard@...2001-09-06[tied] Re: Scientific Nationalism?
9104Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-06Re: [tied] Re: Satem shift
9105Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-06Re: [tied] Re: Scientific Nationalism?
9106Milos Bogdanovic2001-09-06NonIE roots?
9107Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-06Re: [tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince
9108liberty@...2001-09-06[tied] Re: Scientific Nationalism?
9109Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-06Re: [tied] Re: Scientific Nationalism?
9110VAgarwalV@...2001-09-06[tied] Re: Scientific Nationalism?
9111Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-06Re: [tied] Re: Glen & Joseph's Tyrrhenian
9112Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-06Re: [tied] Re: Vwikings.
9113Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-06Re: [tied] Rim-?
9114Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-06Re: [tied] Patronymics; -sen, -ez
9115Max Dashu2001-09-06Re: [tied] Re: Scientific Nationalism?
9116Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-06Re: [tied] Vw again
9117Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Bog
9118cas111jd@...2001-09-07Re: Odin again?
9119Christopher Gwinn2001-09-07Re: Odin again?
9120S.Kalyanaraman2001-09-07Re: Did IE languages spread before farming?
9121malmqvist52@...2001-09-07Re: Odin again?
9122Max Dashu2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Danubian homeland
9123Max Dashu2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Tanais
9124Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Danubian homeland
9125Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07[tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince
9126Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07Re: [tied] Vw again
9127Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07[tied] Re: Bog
9128Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07Re: Bog
9129tgpedersen@...2001-09-07Re: plough
9130Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07Re: plough
9131tgpedersen@...2001-09-07[tied] Re: When Germani?
9132tgpedersen@...2001-09-07Re: Odin again?
9133tgpedersen@...2001-09-07g > j
9134tgpedersen@...2001-09-07Re: [tied] Rim-?
9135tgpedersen@...2001-09-07Re: [tied] Patronymics; -sen, -ez
9136Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-07Re: [tied] Vw again
9137Che2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Scientific Nationalism?
9138Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Bog
9139Che2001-09-07Re: [tied] NonIE roots?
9140Che2001-09-07Re: [tied] Patronymics; -sen, -ez
9141Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07Re: [tied] Vw again
9142Che2001-09-07Re: [tied] Vw again
9143Che2001-09-07Re: [tied] Patronymics; -sen, -ez
9144Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07Re: Bog
9145tgpedersen@...2001-09-07Re: pl-
9146tgpedersen@...2001-09-07[tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince
9147tgpedersen@...2001-09-07[tied] Re: When Germani?
9148jpisc98357@...2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince meets Ra-Hotep of Egypt
9149Christopher Gwinn2001-09-07Re: Odin again?
9150Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07[tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince
9151Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07[tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince meets Ra-Hotep of Egypt
9152Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07[tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince
9153João S. Lopes Filho2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Odin again?
9154Mark DeFillo2001-09-07Rome; & "tribe" terminology
9155João S. Lopes Filho2001-09-07Re: [tied] Patronymics; -sen, -ez
9156Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-07Re: [tied] Patronymics; -sen, -ez
9157celteuskara@...2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: When Germani?
9158João S. Lopes Filho2001-09-07Re: [tied] Patronymics; -sen, -ez / GISIL
9159Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-07Re: [tied] Vw again
9160Mark DeFillo2001-09-07Danubian homeland?
9161Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07Re: [tied] Vw again
9162Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-07Re: [tied] Vw again
9163Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07[tied] Re: When Germani?
9164Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Bog
9165S.Kalyanaraman2001-09-07Matted door, gate, gate-keeper
9166VAgarwalV@...2001-09-07Re: Scientific Nationalism
9168cas111jd@...2001-09-07Re: Matted door, gate, gate-keeper
9169Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07Re: [tied] Vw again
9170cas111jd@...2001-09-07Re: Odin again?
9171jpisc98357@...2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: When Germani?
9172cas111jd@...2001-09-07Re: Sarasvati
9173Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: When Germani?
9174Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07[tied] Re: When Germani?
9175S.Kalyanaraman2001-09-07Re: Matted door, gate, gate-keeper
9176Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Bog
9177jpisc98357@...2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: When Germani?
9178Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-07Re: [tied] Kraków and other enigmas
9179Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-07Re: [tied] Touch wood
9180VAgarwalV@...2001-09-07Re: Sarasvati
9181Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Agni
9183Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Let's forget AIT and OIT
9184liberty@...2001-09-07Re: Sarasvati
9185Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07[tied] Re: When Germani?
9186Sergejus Tarasovas2001-09-07Re: Kraków and other enigmas
9187João S. Lopes Filho2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Bog
9188Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-07Re: [tied] Danubian homeland?
9189Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-07Re: [tied] Prothetic e-
9190Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-07Re: [tied] Re: Kraków and other enigmas
9191Che2001-09-07Re: [tied] Vw again
9192Che2001-09-07Re: [tied] Touch wood
9193Piotr Gasiorowski2001-09-08Re: [tied] Touch wood
9194Joseph S Crary2001-09-08[tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince meets Ra-Hotep of Egypt
9195Joseph S Crary2001-09-08Re: When Germani?
9196Max Dashu2001-09-08Re: [tied] Touch wood
9197Che2001-09-08Re: [tied] Touch wood (piotr & max)
9198tgpedersen@...2001-09-08Re: Patronymics; -sen, -ez / GISIL
9199tgpedersen@...2001-09-08[tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince meets Ra-Hotep of Egypt
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