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Date: 2001-09-07

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Dear Torsten

>> I've read a few of your Celtic Jutland posts, too and once again I
>become a little bemused. I'm all for the development of radical new
>ideas, but your ideas seem only to hinge on a few placenames.
>Shouldn't we more cautiously put these down to one stray Celtic band
>of lost adventurers rather than to an entire substrate population [if
>they indeed are Celtic at all and I'd like to see some attempts at a
>Germanic etymology].

Am I mistaken, or weren't you proposing all sorts of PCeltic placenames, one involving 'apples' or something?
I'll look in the archives...

>> >(Funny how can find these proto-things well preserved in the USA,
>> >wile they're dead in the old land, “luck“ is another example.)
>> Nice idea, but what do you mean by this 'luck' thingy?

>Americans (at least those I met, not the high-culture kind) believe
>in luck, being in luck or out of luck etc. That was my impression,
>but I might be wrong.

AS far as I know luck is alive and well in England too. Don't people talk like that in Denmark? The people around me are forever saying "Don't put those new shoes on the table! It's bad luck." Is this really not the case outside of America and England??

I notice Piotr said "touch wood" once, but this might've been just a rhetorical flourish. A Bulgarian friend of mine found it rather amusing that we touch wood in England, much the same way as his peasant ancestors! Probably a PIE trait, eh?


>Vae victis.

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