Re: [tied] Re: Glen & Joseph's Tyrrhenian

From: Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
Message: 9111
Date: 2001-09-06

On Sun, 02 Sep 2001 02:49:09 -0000, "Joseph S Crary" <pva@...>

>The Lemnians of the 6th century used a language very similar to
>Etruscan-Tyyrhenian. In fact they are so similar that it is clear to
>even the most casual observer that Lemnian and Etruscan-Tyyrhenian
>had a close common ancestral language. We know the Lemnos people from
>the period of the Lemnos Stele were called Pelasgian; as a general
>term. Thus the Language of the Lemnos Stele is Pelasgian. Again,
>because Lemnian is so similar to Etruscan it is also a Pelasgian
> Pelasgian
> |__________________________________________
> Tyyrhenian | Pelo-Pelasgian? Attic-Pelasgian?
> _____ |______ |
> Lemnian Etruscan Raetic

[Apologies if someone already mentioned this, I'm catching up with
over 900 messages]

Unfortunately, the term "Pelasgian" is already taken. In linguistics,
it's used for the putative language(s) of Pre-Greek, non-Greek
*Indo-European* dwellers of Greece.