Matted door, gate, gate-keeper

From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 9165
Date: 2001-09-07

Here are some semantic clusters related to 'shutter', 'hurdle', 'leaf
or panel of a door'; are there IE or PIE cognates?

A query was raised elsewhere, on pratiha_ra, prati_ha_ra (mentioned
by Pa_n.ini).

The substrate lexeme is Santali, phat.ok

phat.ok = a gate, entrance; prison, jail; v. imprison, confine, hut
in; phat.ok duarko sin:keta = they have shut the gate; phat.okreko
dohokedea = they put him in jail; pe cando lagite phat.okena = he was
sentenced to three months imprisonment (Santali)
pha~t.ok (Ben:ga_li_. Hindi)

6913.Panel in a door: pot.t.ippu panel in a door or window (Ta.);
put.ipu (Ka.); pot.t.ippu-k-katavu panel door (C.E.M.);
pot.t.ippir..aippul.i panel-plane (C.E.M.)(Ta.)(Ta.lex.) phat.ok
large door (Santali.lex.)

6457.Image: door:, door (Perun.. Ucaik. 49,3)(Ta.lex.)
Shutter: small shutter of braided palm leaves or thorns (Tiv.
Periyati. 4,4,3); a kind of hurdle or wattled frame for sheltering
cattle; a kind of tatty against sun, rain or wind, used in a shed,
bazaar or hovel, or before a shop; pat.alam canopy (Perun.. Ucaik.
57,52)(Ta.lex.) pat.ala cover, veil (BhP.)(CDIAL 7693). par.a_l.slope
of a roof (G.)(CDIAL 7695). pat.a_m cloth (Pur-ana_. 141); curtain,
screen (Ta.lex.) Image: gate: cf. puta door, gate (Ta.)(DEDR 4274).
cf. pol.i street (G.)(CDIAL 8633). Gate; sluice: putavu door (Patir-r-
up. 16,5); entrance, gate (Perumpa_n.. 52); sluice (Akana_. 237);
small door within a larger one, wicket (Cu_t.a_.); puta_ door
(Ci_vaka. 1549); putavam gate (Cilap. 11,119)(Ta.lex.) puta_na_r..i
an ancient tax (S.I.I ii, 521); puta_r..i id. (S.I.I. ii,509)
(Ta.lex.), pat.alai hurdle or wattled frame for sheltering
cattle; small shutter of braided palm leaves or thorns (Ta.); od.y
door (To.); pad.i leaf of panel of a door, a door (Ka.); a thrashing
frame, a door or shutter made of slips of bamboos tied together
(Tu.); pad.i leaf or panel of a door, a door (Ka.); door (Kod..); a
door or shutter made of slips of bamboos tied together (Tu.);
small shutter of braided palm leaves or thorns (Ta.)(DEDR 3845).
pha_t.ak gate (P.N.); prison (A.); phat.ak gate (A.); pha_t.ak gate,
prison (B.); gate (Bi.H.M.); phat.kiyu~ ba_rn.u~ a single shutter to
close a door (G.); pha_kat., phat.ka_ gate (of a village, etc.)(M.)
(CDIAL 9069). bar.da bamboo door (Pa.); burda balla door post (Kuwi)
(DEDR 4009). Doorkeeper: pratiha_ra a closure (Skt.); door (in cmpd.)
(BhP.); prati_ha_ra conclusion (of Sa_man)(AV.); door (Skt.);
pratiha_ra doorkeeper (R.); pad.iha_ra doorkeeper (Pkt.); pad.iha_ri_
(OB.); par.hia_ri_ (Or.); pad.hiya_r a caste of labourers (G.)(CDIAL
8618). par.icha_ attendant, courtier (MB.)(CDIAL 8619). Gate: pada_r
gate of a village, confines of a village, uncultivated land near a
village (G.); padda site of a village, small village (Pkt.); padra
village, road in a village (Skt.)(CDIAL 7780). pat.ika_ran- gate-
keeper (Kampara_. Pal.l.i. 1); pat.ikar gatekeepers (Ta.lex.)
Entrance: pratipad entrance (VS.); beginning (TS.); first day of
lunar fortnight (AgP.); pat.ipada_ entrance (Pali); first day of
lunar fortnight (As'.); pad.ivaya_ (Pkt.); par.va_, parva_ (P.);
par.yawa_, par.ya_w (Ku.); par.ib, par.iba_ (Mth.); parewa_ (N.);
pare_wa_ (Aw.); par.iwa_, par.wa_, pari~_wa_ (H.); par.vo (G.)(CDIAL
8570). pradva_r place before a gate (MBh.); padva_ra (Pali);
pradva_ra (R.); pauri gatepost (OAw.)(CDIAL 8666). prave_s'a entrance
(MBh.); pave_sa entrance (Pali.Pkt.); pe_s' ceremony of entering a
house (Ku.); paisa entrance (Or.); pavesa (OG.); pivisa entering,
approach (Si.)(CDIAL 8809). pratipadyate_ sets foot on, enters (VS.);
pp. pratipanna (Yaj.); pat.ipajjati enters upon, follows out (a plan)
(Pali); paijna_ to enter; paij entrance (H.)(CDIAL 8571). pravis'ati
enters (RV.); pravis.t.a entered (RV.); invested (of money)(Ya_j.);
pavisati enters (Pali); pravis'i (Skt.); pavisai, paisai (Pkt.); pes-
(Gypsy); pehan.u, pihan.u (S.); pehan. (L.); pasnu (N.); pahiba,
paxiba (A.); pasa_ (B.); pasiba_ (Or.); paise (MB.); paisab (Mth.);
paisal (Bhoj.); paisna_ (H.); paisai (OG.); pesvu~ (G.); pivisenava_
(Si.); paisijjai pass. (Pkt.); pausi_n.o to enter, penetrate (Ku.);
piha_ran.u to cause to enter(S.); paisa_r entrance (H.); pavit.t.ha
entered (Pali); road (Pkt.); pait.t.ha road (Pkt.); pravit.ha
(NiDoc.); pet.ho entered; pp. of pehan.u (S.); pait.han.o to enter
into, begin (Ku.); pait.ha_ entered (OB.); pait.hab to enter (Mth.);
pait.hal (Bhoj.); pait.ha, pp. paithai pres. (OAw.); pait.hna_ (H.);
pethu~ pp. (G.); pait.ha_ entrance (M.); pivit.u entered; entrance,
arrival (Si.)(CDIAL 8803).