Re: Matted door, gate, gate-keeper

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Message: 9168
Date: 2001-09-07

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> Here are some semantic clusters related
to 'shutter', 'hurdle', 'leaf
> or panel of a door'; are there IE or PIE cognates?
> A query was raised elsewhere, on pratiha_ra, prati_ha_ra (mentioned
> by Pa_n.ini).
> The substrate lexeme is Santali, phat.ok
> phat.ok = a gate, entrance; prison, jail; v. imprison, confine, hut
> in; phat.ok duarko sin:keta = they have shut the gate; phat.okreko
> dohokedea = they put him in jail; pe cando lagite phat.okena = he
> sentenced to three months imprisonment (Santali)
> pha~t.ok (Ben:ga_li_. Hindi)

Cognates with English "paddock" and "pad" as in padlock?