Re: [tied] Patronymics; -sen, -ez

From: Che
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Date: 2001-09-07

I think it's just the opposite! I don't know what will a "weasel" mean for you, but here you can hear "clever as a weasel". So Mr. Weasel-Expedition had to be a good traveller to lead his tribe!
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> >1) < *Guma "man" + sinths 'expedition, path, way"  - Gothic
Guminsinths ?
> >2) < *Wurm "worm, snake" + sinths - Gothic Wurmasinths ?
> >
> >GISCLA- < *GISL- ?
> If so, then maybe from Gmc. *wisila "weasle" (used as a woman's name
> and the source, incidentally, of Cat. <guilla> "fox", besides
> "fox", from the Gmc. woman's name Winidhild).

Mr. Weasel-expedition? I think you must have gotten an unfavorable
impression of the Goths.


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