Re: [tied] NonIE roots?

From: Che
Message: 9139
Date: 2001-09-07

Spanish: wave > ola
Basque: head > buru(a), rock > harri(a)
These are in my head right now, maybe if I scratch a little more...
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From: Milos Bogdanovic
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2001 8:17 PM
Subject: [tied] NonIE roots?

The following words are used in Dalmatian hills (in Croatia and Montenegro),
so I am wondering are they of Indoeuropean origin, or of the people that lived
before the coming of Indoeuropean.

woman                                 ura          
wave                                    ala
pour                                     suri
to make oneself brave            marani
head                                    burada
barrel                                   bure
puddle                                  bara                   
body                                    telo
body                                    put
dribbling                               musav
meal                                    pura
rock                                     ari
lump, rock                            dok
sir                                        kira

Also, I am interested, is it known which Latin or Greek words are not of IE origin?

Thank you veru much, Milos Bogdanovic

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