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1600Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-10-24Deeds of the Russian
1601Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-10-26Skelfr askr?
1602Heiðrún Bergsdóttir2001-10-26Re: Skelfr askr?
1603Eysteinn Bjornsson2001-10-27Re: Skelfr askr?
1604Eysteinn Bjornsson2001-10-27Whoops - correction!
1605rorik@...2001-10-28Re: Edred Thorsson's books
1606rorik@...2001-10-28Re: Skelfr askr?
1607Eysteinn Bjornsson2001-10-28Re: Skelfr askr?
1608Duncan Munro2001-10-28unsubscribe
1609Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-10-28Re: Skelfr askr?
1610rorik@...2001-10-28Re: Skelfr askr?
1611mdehners@...2001-10-28Re: Skelfr askr?
1612dan or amy2001-10-29Re: Skelfr askr?
1613Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-10-29Rune projects
1614Eysteinn Bjornsson2001-10-29Re: Skelfr askr?
1615Julee Myers2001-10-29Re: Skelfr askr?
1616Eysteinn Bjornsson2001-10-29Nú skelfr askrinn...
1617Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-10-29Eigi skelfr hann
1618Sorin Olson2001-10-29Scholarship - my tuppence (was Re: [norse_course] Re: Skelfr askr?)
1619Olaf The Balding2001-10-29Re: Scholarship / Skelfr askr / whatever this is all about / pett y
1620Sorin Olson2001-10-29Re: Scholarship / Skelfr askr / whatever this is all about / petty
1621Heiðrún Bergsdóttir2001-10-29Re: Scholarship / Skelfr askr / whatever this is all about / petty
1622charles_martel_@...2001-10-30Eysteinn Head of the Phallic Cult
1623Eysteinn Bjornsson2001-10-30Re: whatever this is all about
1624Deep Stream2001-10-30Re: Rune projects
1625Olaf@...2001-10-30Re: Whatever this (grop) is all about.
1626Arlie Stephens2001-10-30Proper Conduct on Mailing Lists
1627Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-10-30Re: Rune projects
1628Selvårv Stigård2001-10-31Re: Edred Thorsson's books
1629A. Cheak2001-10-31Re: Edred Thorsson's books
1630Selvarv Stigard2001-10-31Re: Edred Thorsson's books
1631James R. Johnson2001-11-03Old Norse Pronunciation
1632Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-11-03Selvaarv's board
1633Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-11-03The big R
1634Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-11-03Re: Old Norse Pronunciation
1635Selvarv Stigard2001-11-03Re: Selvarv's board
1637Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-11-12Re: Hamrammur
1638brady.boyd@...2001-11-12Re: Hamrammur
1639R. Callahan2001-11-16Introduction
1640Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-11-19Carolus Magnus and Agulandus
1641David James2001-11-19Two diphthongs
1642Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-11-19Re: Two diphthongs
1643David James2001-11-20Re: Two diphthongs
1644birgit001@...2001-11-22Re: Two diphthongs
1645Haukur Thorgeirsson2001-11-26Re: Two diphthongs
1646Alfta Reginleif2001-12-17Old Norse Month names
1647Stridmann2001-12-18Re: Old Norse Month names
1649Alfta Reginleif2001-12-22Re: Old Norse Month names
1650Steven T. Hatton2001-12-23Could this synthesize Old Nore audio form text?
1651hrothvar2002-01-11A translation needed
1652Úlfgrímr2002-01-12Re: A translation needed
1653fjornir2002-01-13Old Norse - Reconstructed Pronunciation
1654fjornir2002-01-13Re: A translation needed
1655fjornir2002-01-13Re: A translation needed
1656Pavel Iosad2002-01-13Re: A translation needed
1657Úlfgrímr2002-01-13Re: A translation needed
1658Lazarus2002-01-14Re: A translation needed
1659vidhar2002-01-14two things
1660hrothvar2002-01-14Re: A translation needed
1661Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-01-14Re: A translation needed
1662John G.2002-01-15Icelandic and Faroese
1663Lazarus2002-01-15Re: two things
1664Brandi Epperson2002-01-15Re: A translation needed
1665Lazarus2002-01-15Re: A translation needed
1666Úlfgrímr2002-01-16Re: two things
1667vidhar2002-01-16Thank you
1668Lazarus2002-01-16Re: two things
1670Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-01-16Re: stuck!
1671Lazarus2002-01-17Runes and Old Norse
1672Ambrosius Kyrielle2002-01-17Re: Runes and Old Norse
1673Lazarus2002-01-17Oops: Runes and Old Norse
1674Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-01-17More on "silent letters"
1675hrimalf2002-01-17Re: More on "silent letters"
1676Lazarus2002-01-18Re: More on "silent letters"
1677Ambrosius Kyrielle2002-01-18Re: More on "silent letters"
1678Lazarus2002-01-18Re: More on "silent letters"
1679hr_oskar2002-01-18Re: More on "silent letters"
1680Nina Moulder2002-01-18Re: Oops: Runes and Old Norse
1681Lazarus2002-01-18Re: More on "silent letters"
1682Ambrosius Kyrielle2002-01-18Re: More on "silent letters"
1683Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-01-18Sound Files (was: Re: more on "silent R")
1684Lazarus2002-01-19Re: Sound Files (was: Re: more on "silent R")
1685Ambrosius Kyrielle2002-01-19Re: Sound Files (was: Re: more on "silent R")
1687Hrimalf2002-01-19re more on silent letters
1688fjornir2002-01-20Sound Files (was: Re: more on "silent R")
1689Payrga Laanka2002-01-22Re: Digest Number 279
1690odysseus00422002-02-01quick question on 1 norse word
1691Selvarv Stigard2002-02-02Re: quick question on 1 norse word
1692odysseus00422002-02-02Re: quick question on 1 norse word
1693Selvarv Stigard2002-02-02Re: quick question on 1 norse word
1694Lazarus2002-02-02Re: quick question on 1 norse word
1695robert blank2002-02-02Re: quick question on 1 norse word
1696E. P. Oxenby2002-02-02Introduction and general question
1697Bjarki2002-02-02Re: Introduction and general question
1698Lazarus2002-02-03Re: Introduction and general question
1699Catherine Hagemann2002-02-03Re: Introduction and general question
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