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70400Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-02Re: Basque onddo
70401Tavi2012-11-03Re: Basque onddo
70402Richard Wordingham2012-11-03Re: Basque onddo
70403Tavi2012-11-03Re: Basque onddo
70404Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-04Re: Basque onddo
70405stlatos2012-11-04Re: Basque onddo
70406stlatos2012-11-04Re: Basque onddo
70407stlatos2012-11-04Re: Basque onddo
70408stlatos2012-11-04Re: Basque onddo
70409Tavi2012-11-04Re: Basque onddo
70410Brian M. Scott2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70411Brian M. Scott2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70412Brian M. Scott2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70413Brian M. Scott2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70414Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70415Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70416Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70417Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70418Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70419Tavi2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70420Brian M. Scott2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70421Rick McCallister2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70422Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-05Re: Basque onddo
70423dgkilday572012-11-06Re: Basque onddo
70424dgkilday572012-11-06Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70425ceiserith@...2012-11-06Neuter s-stems
70426Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-06Re: Neuter s-stems
70427ceiserith@...2012-11-07Re: Neuter s-stems
70428Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-07Re: Neuter s-stems
70429stlatos2012-11-07Re: Basque onddo
70430stlatos2012-11-07Re: Basque onddo
70431Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-07Re: Basque onddo
70432stlatos2012-11-07Re: Basque onddo
70433stlatos2012-11-07Re: Basque onddo
70434dgkilday572012-11-09Re: bidet
70435Brian M. Scott2012-11-10Re: Basque onddo
70436stlatos2012-11-10Re: Basque onddo
70437Rick McCallister2012-11-10Re: Basque onddo
70438Tavi2012-11-11Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70439Rick McCallister2012-11-11Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70440bmscotttg2012-11-11Re: Basque onddo
70441Tavi2012-11-11Re: Basque onddo
70442Tavi2012-11-11Re: Basque onddo
70443Tavi2012-11-11Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70444Brian M. Scott2012-11-11Re: Basque onddo
70445Brian M. Scott2012-11-11Re: Basque onddo
70446johnvertical@...2012-11-11Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70447Rick McCallister2012-11-11Re: Basque onddo
70448Tavi2012-11-12Re: Basque onddo
70449Brian M. Scott2012-11-12Re: Basque onddo
70450dgkilday572012-11-13Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70451johnvertical@...2012-11-14Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70452stlatos2012-11-14Re: Basque onddo
70453stlatos2012-11-14Re: Basque onddo
70454Tavi2012-11-14Re: Basque onddo
70455dgkilday572012-11-15Re: bidet
70456Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-15Re: bidet
70457dgkilday572012-11-15Re: bidet
70458Tavi2012-11-15Re: bidet
70459Brian M. Scott2012-11-15Re: Basque onddo
70460Tavi2012-11-15Re: Basque onddo
70461bmscotttg2012-11-15Re: Basque onddo
70462dgkilday572012-11-16Re: bidet
70463r_brunner2012-11-16Why do Pokorny's roots for water have an "a" in front?
70464Tavi2012-11-16Re: bidet
70465Jörg Rhiemeier2012-11-16Re: Why do Pokorny's roots for water have an "a" in front?
70466caraculiambro2012-11-16Re: Why do Pokorny's roots for water have an "a" in front?
70468Rick McCallister2012-11-16Re: Why do Pokorny's roots for water have an "a" in front?
70469Tavi2012-11-17Re: Why do Pokorny's roots for water have an "a" in front?
70470Brian M. Scott2012-11-18Re: Why do Pokorny's roots for water have an "a" in front?
70471Tavi2012-11-18Re: bidet
70472Tavi2012-11-18Re: Why do Pokorny's roots for water have an "a" in front?
70473Tavi2012-11-18Re: bidet
70474Jörg Rhiemeier2012-11-18Glottalic theory (was: bidet)
70475Tavi2012-11-18Re: Basque onddo
70476dgkilday572012-11-20Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70477stlatos2012-11-22Re: Basque onddo
70478johnvertical@...2012-11-23Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70479stlatos2012-11-23Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70480stlatos2012-11-23Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70481Tavi2012-11-23Re: Basque onddo
70482Jörg Rhiemeier2012-11-23What is "North Venetic"? (was: PIE suffix =t in food?)
70483stlatos2012-11-23Re: Basque onddo
70484Rick McCallister2012-11-24Re: What is "North Venetic"? (was: PIE suffix =t in food?)
70485dgkilday572012-11-27Re: What is "North Venetic"? (was: PIE suffix =t in food?)
70486johnvertical@...2012-11-27Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70487Jörg Rhiemeier2012-11-27Greek _kithara_ and German _Gitter_
70488Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-27Re: Greek _kithara_ and German _Gitter_
70489gprosti2012-11-28Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70490johnvertical@...2012-11-28Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70491Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-28AW: [tied] *tk' (was: Re: PIE suffix =t in food?)
70492stlatos2012-11-29Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70493stlatos2012-11-29Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70494dgkilday572012-11-29Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
70495kalyan2012-11-29Exile of Roma founders from India c. 1405 years ago - Genetic study
70496Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2012-11-29Re: Exile of Roma founders from India c. 1405 years ago - Genetic st
70497r_brunner2012-11-29Re: Exile of Roma founders from India c. 1405 years ago - Genetic st
70498Rick McCallister2012-11-29Re: Exile of Roma founders from India c. 1405 years ago - Genetic st
70499stlatos2012-11-30Re: PIE suffix =t in food?
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