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57000Rick McCallister2008-04-07Re: Substrate in Scandinavia
57001Brian M. Scott2008-04-07Re[2]: [tied] Re: Volcae and Volsci
57002Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-07Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57003Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-07Re: Primary Stem Formants: -*H, -*i/y, -*u/w
57004alexandru_mg32008-04-07Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57005Patrick Ryan2008-04-07Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57006alexandru_mg32008-04-07Re: Primary Stem Formants: -*H, -*i/y, -*u/w
57007Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2008-04-07Re: Volcae and Volsci
57008alexandru_mg32008-04-07I want to ask why my messages are posted with such big delays?
57009Patrick Ryan2008-04-07Re: Primary Stem Formants: -*H, -*i/y, -*u/w
57010alexandru_mg32008-04-07Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57011tgpedersen2008-04-07Re: Volcae and Volsci
57012Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-07Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57013Rick McCallister2008-04-07Re: Volcae and Volsci
57014Rick McCallister2008-04-07Re: Volcae and Volsci
57015Rick McCallister2008-04-07Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Volcae and Volsci
57016tgpedersen2008-04-07Re: Volcae and Volsci
57017Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-07Re: I want to ask why my messages are posted with such big delays?
57018Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-07Re: Primary Stem Formants: -*H, -*i/y, -*u/w
57019Patrick Ryan2008-04-07Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57020Patrick Ryan2008-04-07Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Volcae and Volsci
57021Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-07Re: Primary Stem Formants: -*H, -*i/y, -*u/w
57022fournet.arnaud2008-04-07Re: Volcae and Volsci
57023tgpedersen2008-04-07Re: Volcae and Volsci
57024Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-07Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57025Rick McCallister2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57026Rick McCallister2008-04-08Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Volcae and Volsci
57027Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2008-04-08Re: Primary Stem Formants: -*H, -*i/y, -*u/w
57028Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57029tgpedersen2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57030Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57031Rick McCallister2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57032tgpedersen2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57033tgpedersen2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57034Rick McCallister2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57035Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57036Rick McCallister2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57037Patrick Ryan2008-04-08Re: Primary Stem Formants: -*H, -*i/y, -*u/w
57038Patrick Ryan2008-04-08Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57039Patrick Ryan2008-04-08Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Volcae and Volsci
57040dgkilday572008-04-08Re: Gemination in Celtic
57041dgkilday572008-04-08[tied] Re: nu:któs
57042Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-08Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57043Patrick Ryan2008-04-08Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57045Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-08Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57046Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-08Re: *[h2ju-h3n.]-k^ó-
57047Patrick Ryan2008-04-08Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57048batinquo2008-04-08Re: Primary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57049kishore patnaik2008-04-08Re: Mitanni and Matsya -- TERMINATED!!
57050Brian M. Scott2008-04-08Re[4]: [tied] Re: Volcae and Volsci
57051Patrick Ryan2008-04-08Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57052Brian M. Scott2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57053Brian M. Scott2008-04-08Re[2]: [tied] Substrate in Scandinavia
57054Brian M. Scott2008-04-08Re[2]: [tied] Re: Hachmann versus Kossack?
57055Rick McCallister2008-04-08Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Hachmann versus Kossack?
57056Brian M. Scott2008-04-08Re[4]: [tied] Re: Hachmann versus Kossack?
57057Brian M. Scott2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57058Anders R. Joergensen2008-04-08Re: Gemination in Celtic
57059tgpedersen2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57060Rick McCallister2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57061Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-08Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57062Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-08Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57063Brian M. Scott2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57064Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-08Re: Primary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57065tgpedersen2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57066tgpedersen2008-04-08Re: Volcae and Volsci
57067Patrick Ryan2008-04-08Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57068Brandon Cord Bradshaw2008-04-09Re: Substrate in Scandinavia
57069Rick McCallister2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57070Rick McCallister2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57071tgpedersen2008-04-09Re: Substrate in Scandinavia
57072Rick McCallister2008-04-09Re: Substrate in Scandinavia
57073Rick McCallister2008-04-09Re: Substrate in Scandinavia
57074tgpedersen2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57075tgpedersen2008-04-09Re: Substrate in Scandinavia
57076kishore patnaik2008-04-09dating of aryans
57077Brian M. Scott2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57078Kishore patnaik2008-04-09Re: dating of aryans
57079tgpedersen2008-04-09Re: Hachmann versus Kossack?
57080fournet.arnaud2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57081alexandru_mg32008-04-09Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57082Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-09Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57083tgpedersen2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57084fournet.arnaud2008-04-09Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57085fournet.arnaud2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57086Rick McCallister2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57087Rick McCallister2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57088Patrick Ryan2008-04-09Re: Priimary Stem Formants: =*H, -*i/y, *-u/w
57089Piotr Gasiorowski2008-04-09Re: dating of aryans
57090tgpedersen2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57091Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2008-04-09Re: dating of aryans
57092Richard Wordingham2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57093Richard Wordingham2008-04-09Re: Moderatorial
57094fournet.arnaud2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57095fournet.arnaud2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57096tgpedersen2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57097fournet.arnaud2008-04-09Re: Moderatorial
57098tgpedersen2008-04-09Re: Volcae and Volsci
57099Rick McCallister2008-04-09Re: Moderatorial
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