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42800gleyink2006-01-07Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42801alexandru_mg32006-01-07PIE suffix -ro and different beings ressembling with coulours
42802Sean Whalen2006-01-07n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42803Sean Whalen2006-01-07[tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42805Joao S. Lopes2006-01-07Latin suffix -klo- > -culus, origin?
42806tgpedersen2006-01-07Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42807tgpedersen2006-01-07Re: protero-/hystero-
42808Patrick Ryan2006-01-07Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42809Patrick Ryan2006-01-07Re: [tied] protero-/hystero-
42810Patrick Ryan2006-01-07Re: [tied] Latin suffix -klo- > -culus, origin?
42811Patrick Ryan2006-01-07Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42812Richard Wordingham2006-01-07Sanskrit .n (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42813Patrick Ryan2006-01-07Re: [tied] Sanskrit .n (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42814Miguel Carrasquer2006-01-07Re: [tied] Latin suffix -klo- > -culus, origin?
42815Daniel J. Milton2006-01-07Re: [tied] Latin suffix -klo- > -culus, origin?
42816Richard Wordingham2006-01-07Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-ró
42817Miguel Carrasquer2006-01-07Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-
42818Patrick Ryan2006-01-07Re: [tied] Latin suffix -klo- > -culus, origin?
42819Patrick Ryan2006-01-07Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-
42820Patrick Ryan2006-01-07Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-
42821Richard Wordingham2006-01-07Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-ró
42822Richard Wordingham2006-01-07[tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-ró
42823Patrick Ryan2006-01-07Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-
42824Richard Wordingham2006-01-07Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-ró
42825Sean Whalen2006-01-07[tied] Latin suffix -klo- > -culus, origin?
42826Miguel Carrasquer2006-01-07Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-
42827Patrick Ryan2006-01-07Re: [tied] Latin suffix -klo- > -culus, origin?
42828Sean Whalen2006-01-08Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42829Patrick Ryan2006-01-08Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42830Richard Wordingham2006-01-08Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42831Sean Whalen2006-01-08Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42832Patrick Ryan2006-01-08Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42833Patrick Ryan2006-01-08Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42834Sean Whalen2006-01-08Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42835P&G2006-01-08Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42836Patrick Ryan2006-01-08Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42837Abdullah Konushevci2006-01-08Four *del-('s)
42838alexandru_mg32006-01-08Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *meik'- & *mik'-ró
42839Sean Whalen2006-01-08Re: [tied] Four *del-('s)
42840Abdullah Konushevci2006-01-08Re: [tied] Four *del-('s)
42841Richard Wordingham2006-01-08Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *meik'- & *mik'-ró
42842Sean Whalen2006-01-08Re: [tied] Four *del-('s)
42843Sean Whalen2006-01-08Re: [tied] Sanskrit .n (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42844alexandru_mg32006-01-08Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *meik'- & *mik'-ró
42845alexandru_mg32006-01-08Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-ró
42846Patrick Ryan2006-01-09Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-
42847P&G2006-01-09Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42848alexandru_mg32006-01-09[tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-ró
42849Patrick Ryan2006-01-09Re: [tied] n/r (was: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with')
42850Patrick Ryan2006-01-09Re: [tied] Four *del-('s)
42851Patrick Ryan2006-01-09Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-
42852alexandru_mg32006-01-09[tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-ró
42853Abdullah Konushevci2006-01-10Two *dens-(')
42854Patrick Ryan2006-01-10Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-
42855theharmoniousblacksmith2006-01-10Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42856Piotr Gasiorowski2006-01-10Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-
42857Patrick Ryan2006-01-10Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with' => *kseud- & *ksud-
42858Piotr Gasiorowski2006-01-10Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42859tgpedersen2006-01-10Re: [tied] protero-/hystero-
42860tgpedersen2006-01-10Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42861tgpedersen2006-01-10Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42862Piotr Gasiorowski2006-01-10Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42863Piotr Gasiorowski2006-01-10Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42864Patrick Ryan2006-01-10Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42865tgpedersen2006-01-10Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42866tgpedersen2006-01-10Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42867Patrick Ryan2006-01-10Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42868Patrick Ryan2006-01-10Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42869alexandru_mg32006-01-11Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42870proto-language2006-01-11Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42871Piotr Gasiorowski2006-01-11Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42872tgpedersen2006-01-11Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42873Piotr Gasiorowski2006-01-11Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42874tgpedersen2006-01-11PIE finite verbs are particples/gerunds?
42875tgpedersen2006-01-11Re: PIE finite verbs are particples/gerunds?
42876tgpedersen2006-01-11[tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42877Piotr Gasiorowski2006-01-11Re: [tied] PIE suffix -ro and different beings ressembling with cou
42878alex2006-01-11Re: [tied] PIE suffix -ro and different beings ressembling with cou
42879Joao S. Lopes2006-01-11Celtic *seibr-
42880Joao S. Lopes2006-01-11Re: [tied] PIE suffix -ro and different beings ressembling with cou
42881alex2006-01-11Re: [tied] PIE suffix -ro and different beings ressembling with cou
42882gleyink2006-01-11PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42883Brian M. Scott2006-01-11Re: [tied] Celtic *seibr-
42884patrick cuadrado2006-01-11Re: [tied] Celtic *seibr-
42885Brian M. Scott2006-01-11Re[2]: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42886Patrick Ryan2006-01-11Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42887Abdullah Konushevci2006-01-11Four *der-(s)
42888Piotr Gasiorowski2006-01-12Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42889alexandru_mg32006-01-12Re: [tied] PIE suffix -ro and different beings ressembling with cou
42890Patrick Ryan2006-01-12Re: [tied] PIE suffix -ro and different beings ressembling with cou
42891tgpedersen2006-01-12Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42892tgpedersen2006-01-12[tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42893tgpedersen2006-01-12The personal pronouns of PIE (and other families) are loans
42894alexandru_mg32006-01-12Re: [tied] PIE suffix -ro and different beings ressembling with cou
42895Patrick Ryan2006-01-12Re: [tied] PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42896Patrick Ryan2006-01-12Re: [tied] Re: PIE suffix *-ro - 'similar-with'
42897Patrick Ryan2006-01-12Re: [tied] The personal pronouns of PIE (and other families) are lo
42898Patrick Ryan2006-01-12Re: [tied] PIE suffix -ro and different beings ressembling with cou
42899alexandru_mg32006-01-12Re: [tied] PIE suffix -ro and different beings ressembling with cou
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