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38400tgpedersen2005-06-07[tied] Re: sum
38401tgpedersen2005-06-07Re: *m for 1st & *t for 2nd person in PIE and Proto-Uralic
38402tgpedersen2005-06-07Re: Boss
38403tgpedersen2005-06-07[tied] Re: sum
38404tgpedersen2005-06-07[tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38405Piotr Gasiorowski2005-06-07Re: [tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38406Piotr Gasiorowski2005-06-07Re: [tied] PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38407tgpedersen2005-06-07[tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38408tgpedersen2005-06-07[tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38409elmeras20002005-06-07Re: sum
38410Patrick Ryan2005-06-07Re: [tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38411elmeras20002005-06-07[tied] Re: sum
38412elmeras20002005-06-07PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38413C. Darwin Goranson2005-06-07Re: *m for 1st & *t for 2nd person in PIE and Proto-Uralic
38414Frank Verhoft2005-06-07Re: [tied] Re: Boss
38415elmeras20002005-06-07[tied] Re: sum
38416Piotr Gasiorowski2005-06-07Re: [tied] PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38417elmeras20002005-06-07Re: *m for 1st & *t for 2nd person in PIE and Proto-Uralic
38418elmeras20002005-06-07[tied] PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38419Miguel Carrasquer2005-06-07Re: [tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38420Miguel Carrasquer2005-06-07Re: [tied] Re: sum
38421Miguel Carrasquer2005-06-07Re: [tied] Re: sum
38422Peter P2005-06-07Re: *m for 1st & *t for 2nd person in PIE and Proto-Uralic
38423Miguel Carrasquer2005-06-07Re: [tied] Re: *m for 1st & *t for 2nd person in PIE and Proto-Ural
38424Abdullah Konushevci2005-06-07Re: [tied] PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38425patrick cuadrado2005-06-07Re: [tied] Re: Latin *accu ?
38426elmeras20002005-06-07[tied] PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38427alexandru_mg32005-06-08PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38428Piotr Gasiorowski2005-06-08Re: [tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38429Michael Smith2005-06-08midway between Luwian and Greek
38430pielewe2005-06-08Re: midway between Luwian and Greek
38431P&G2005-06-08Re: [tied] laryngeal three
38432Piotr Gasiorowski2005-06-08Re: [tied] Boss
38433P&G2005-06-08Re: [tied] Worth purchasing?
38434Pavel Adámek, IMA2005-06-08Re: [tied] laryngeal three
38435Petusek2005-06-08Re: [tied] Worth purchasing?
38436pielewe2005-06-08Re: Worth purchasing?
38437alexandru_mg32005-06-08PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38438mkapovic@...2005-06-08Re: [tied] Re: Worth purchasing?
38439Piotr Gasiorowski2005-06-08Re: [tied] laryngeal three
38440elmeras20002005-06-08PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38441tgpedersen2005-06-08Re: sum
38442tgpedersen2005-06-08[tied] Re: sum
38443tgpedersen2005-06-08[tied] Re: *m for 1st & *t for 2nd person in PIE and Proto-Uralic
38444tgpedersen2005-06-08[tied] Re: sum
38445tgpedersen2005-06-08[tied] Re: sum
38446tgpedersen2005-06-08Re: sum
38447alex2005-06-08Re: [tied] PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38448Miguel Carrasquer2005-06-08Re: [tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38449Miguel Carrasquer2005-06-08Re: [tied] Re: *m for 1st & *t for 2nd person in PIE and Proto-Ural
38450Petusek2005-06-08Avestan /z/ < PIE /t/
38451elmeras20002005-06-08Re: Avestan /z/ < PIE /t/
38452elmeras20002005-06-08[tied] Re: sum
38453elmeras20002005-06-09Re: sum
38454elmeras20002005-06-09Re: sum
38455Exu Yangi2005-06-09Re: [tied] laryngeal three
38456alexandru_mg32005-06-09PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38457aquila_grande2005-06-09Re: [tied] laryngeal three
38458pielewe2005-06-09Re: laryngeal three
38459Petusek2005-06-09Re: [tied] Re: Avestan /z/ < PIE /t/
38460Piotr Gasiorowski2005-06-09Re: [tied] laryngeal three
38461Piotr Gasiorowski2005-06-09Re: [tied] laryngeal three
38462Petusek2005-06-09PIE */t/ > Hittite t, z / tt, zz
38463tgpedersen2005-06-09Re: sum
38464tgpedersen2005-06-09[tied] Re: sum
38465tgpedersen2005-06-09[tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38466tgpedersen2005-06-09[tied] Re: sum
38467tgpedersen2005-06-09[tied] Re: sum
38468tgpedersen2005-06-09[tied] Re: sum
38469tgpedersen2005-06-09[tied] Re: sum
38470elmeras20002005-06-09Re: PIE */t/ > Hittite t, z / tt, zz
38471elmeras20002005-06-09Re: sum
38472elmeras20002005-06-09Re: sum
38473elmeras20002005-06-09[tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38474Petusek2005-06-09Re: [tied] Re: PIE */t/ > Hittite t, z / tt, zz
38475tgpedersen2005-06-09Re: sum
38476C. Darwin Goranson2005-06-09Clarification for short story.
38477tgpedersen2005-06-09Re: sum
38478tgpedersen2005-06-09Re: sum
38479tgpedersen2005-06-09[tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38480tgpedersen2005-06-09Re: sum
38481tgpedersen2005-06-09Re: sum
38482Patrick Ryan2005-06-09Re: [tied] Re: *bhe-, -y, -w
38483Miguel Carrasquer2005-06-09Re: [tied] Re: sum
38484elmeras20002005-06-09Re: sum
38485elmeras20002005-06-09Re: sum
38486elmeras20002005-06-09Re: sum
38487Abdullah Konushevci2005-06-10Re: [tied] PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )
38488manenttitnikhiri2005-06-10[tied] Re: sum
38489Pavel Adámek, IMA2005-06-10Re: [tied] Clarification for short story.
38490Piotr Gasiorowski2005-06-10Re: [tied] Clarification for short story.
38491tgpedersen2005-06-10[tied] Re: sum
38492tgpedersen2005-06-10Re: sum
38493tgpedersen2005-06-10[tied] Re: sum
38494Piotr Gasiorowski2005-06-10Re: [tied] Re: sum
38495tgpedersen2005-06-10[tied] Re: sum
38496tgpedersen2005-06-10[tied] Re: sum
38497elmeras20002005-06-10Re: sum
38498tgpedersen2005-06-10Re: sum
38499Patrick Ryan2005-06-10Re: [tied] Clarification for short story.
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