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33900tgpedersen2004-08-28[tied] Re: Thematic vowel etc
33901tgpedersen2004-08-28[tied] Re: Thematic vowel etc
33902tgpedersen2004-08-28[tied] Re: Thematic vowel etc - correction
33903tgpedersen2004-08-28Re: Gothic Thunder God, Thunraz
33904Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-28Re: [tied] Re: Thematic vowel etc - correction
33905Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-28Re: [tied] Re: Thematic vowel etc
33906Ian Rons2004-08-2816th Century European accents
33907petusek2004-08-29OSl *jakU
33908petegray2004-08-29Re: [tied] Re: Latin [homo] from PIE *dhgho_mon- = Earth dweller?
33909mkapovic@...2004-08-29Re: [tied] OSl *jakU
33910Kim Bastin2004-08-29Re: [tied] Re: Latin [homo] from PIE *dhgho_mon- = Earth dweller?
33911petusek2004-08-29Re: [tied] OSl *jakU
33912Anthony Appleyard2004-08-29Re: Latin [homo] from PIE *dhgho_mon- = Earth dweller?
33913petusek2004-08-29IE right & 10
33914Richard Wordingham2004-08-29Re: IE right & 10
33915petusek2004-08-29Re: [tied] Re: IE right & 10
33916petusek2004-08-30Etymology of "Warsaw"
33917Kim Bastin2004-08-30Re: [tied] Re: Latin [homo] from PIE *dhgho_mon- = Earth dweller?
33918enlil@...2004-08-30Re: [tied] Re: -i, -u
33919enlil@...2004-08-30Re: [tied] Re: -i, -u
33920enlil@...2004-08-30Re: [tied] Re: Thematic vowel etc
33921enlil@...2004-08-30Re: [tied] Re: Kabardian antipassives
33922enlil@...2004-08-30Re: [tied] Re: IE right & 10
33923enlil@...2004-08-30Re: [tied] Re: Kabardian antipassives
33924tgpedersen2004-08-30Re: Thematic vowel etc - correction
33925Richard Wordingham2004-08-30[tied] Re: IE right & 10
33926tgpedersen2004-08-30[tied] Re: Thematic vowel etc
33927petusek2004-08-30Re: [tied] Re: IE right & 10
33928petusek2004-08-30Re: [tied] Re: IE right & 10
33929Joao2004-08-30Aegir and Ran, etymologies
33930Richard Wordingham2004-08-30[tied] Re: IE right & 10
33931thrsnmrtn2004-08-30[tied] Re: Kabardian antipassives
33932Joao2004-08-31Thor's charriot
33933thrsnmrtn2004-08-31Re: Thor's charriot
33934thrsnmrtn2004-08-31Re: Thor's charriot
33935Daniel J. Milton2004-08-31Re: Thor's charriot
33936alex2004-08-31OCS "dovesti"
33937Brian M. Scott2004-08-31Re: [tied] Re: Thor's charriot
33938mkapovic@...2004-09-01Re: [tied] OCS 'dovesti'
33939Brian M. Scott2004-09-01Re: [tied] Re: Thematic vowel etc - correction
33940alex2004-09-01Re: [tied] OCS 'dovesti'
33941alex2004-09-01Re: [tied] Re: Thor's charriot
33942thrsnmrtn2004-09-01Re: Thor's charriot
33943cybalist@yahoogroups.com2004-09-01File - Rules.txt
33944petusek2004-09-01Re: [tied] OCS 'dovesti'
33945petusek2004-09-01Re: [tied] OCS 'dovesti'
33946Piotr Gasiorowski2004-09-01Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33947Joao2004-09-01Re: [tied] Re: Thor's charriot
33948Piotr Gasiorowski2004-09-01Re: [tied] Re: IE right & 10
33949Piotr Gasiorowski2004-09-01Re: [tied] Re: Latin [homo] from PIE *dhgho_mon- = Earth dweller?
33950Piotr Gasiorowski2004-09-01Re: [tied] Re: Latin [homo] from PIE *dhgho_mon- = Earth dweller?
33951altamix2004-09-01Re: [tied] OCS 'dovesti'
33952george knysh2004-09-01Re: [tied] OCS 'dovesti'
33953petusek2004-09-01Re: [tied] OCS 'dovesti'
33954alex2004-09-01Re: [tied] OCS 'dovesti'
33955christo_tamarin2004-09-01Re: [tied] OCS 'dovesti'
33956Sergejus Tarasovas2004-09-01Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33957Sergejus Tarasovas2004-09-01Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33958Marco Moretti2004-09-02Re: Aegir and Ran, etymologies
33959Dirk Howat2004-09-02Re: Yama Ymir
33960Marco Moretti2004-09-02Re: Oscella Lepontiorum
33961Marco Moretti2004-09-02Re: Oscella Lepontiorum
33962Michael Smith2004-09-02Celtic word for silver and etymology of the name Arganthonios
33963tgpedersen2004-09-02Re: OCS 'dovesti'
33964Abdullah Konushevci2004-09-02Re: Oscella Lepontiorum
33965Brian M. Scott2004-09-02Re: [tied] Re: Aegir and Ran, etymologies
33966Joao2004-09-02Re: [tied] Re: Aegir and Ran, etymologies
33967Michael Smith2004-09-03new Pictish history group
33968Piotr Gasiorowski2004-09-03Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33969tgpedersen2004-09-03Re: Etymology of "Warsaw"
33970Piotr Gasiorowski2004-09-03Re: [tied] Re: IE right & 10
33971Piotr Gasiorowski2004-09-03Re: [tied] Re: Etymology of "Warsaw"
33972Harald Hammarström2004-09-03Re: [tied] Re: IE right & 10
33973alex2004-09-03Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33974Piotr Gasiorowski2004-09-03Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33975alex2004-09-03Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33976Harald Hammarström2004-09-03Czech r^
33977ziedoros2004-09-03Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33978Joao2004-09-03Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33979alex2004-09-03Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33980mkapovic@...2004-09-03Re: [tied] Czech r^
33981petusek2004-09-04Re: [tied] Czech r^
33982mrcaws2004-09-04[tied] Re: Aegir and Ran, etymologies
33983Joao2004-09-04Re: [tied] Re: Aegir and Ran, etymologies
33984Joao2004-09-04Lofar' sons - Elves - Voeluspa
33985petusek2004-09-04Re: [tied] Czech r^
33986mkapovic@...2004-09-04Re: [tied] Czech r^
33987petusek2004-09-04Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33988tgpedersen2004-09-04Re: Etymology of "Warsaw"
33989alex2004-09-04Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33990tgpedersen2004-09-04-m, -t, -s
33991petusek2004-09-04Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33992petusek2004-09-04Re: [tied] Czech r^
33993elmeras20002004-09-04Re: -m, -t, -s
33994george knysh2004-09-04Re: [tied] Re: Etymology of "Warsaw"
33995george knysh2004-09-04Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"
33996alex2004-09-04Re: [tied] Re: Etymology of "Warsaw"
33997Brian M. Scott2004-09-04Re[2]: [tied] Re: Etymology of "Warsaw"
33998george knysh2004-09-04Re: [tied] Re: Etymology of "Warsaw"
33999Brian M. Scott2004-09-04Re[2]: [tied] Czech r^
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