Re: OCS 'dovesti'

From: tgpedersen
Message: 33963
Date: 2004-09-02

> *****GK: In Ukrainian the verbs "dovesty" "dovodyty"
> mean both "to prove" and "to bring (to an end, to a
> planned locus of arrival). "Vesty" also means "to give
> a ride to" or "to lead" (along with "vodyty" for the
> latter. "Vodij" means "driver". Besides the prefix
> "do" we have similar terms with prefixes "po" and
> "za". I wonder if this "vodyty" is related to Latin
> vadere?****

Most people don't connect the two; I do, but the comparisons I make
is too long-range for most people's taste. Judge for yourself

the connection between 'weater' and 'transport'; we might want to add
this one

The spooky thing is that all three roots are among the five or six
roots that are agreed to have been borrowed from IndoEuropean already
in Proto-FinnoUgric. Some early water-transport revolution?