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10200João S. Lopes Filho2001-10-13Re: [tied] IE numbers
10201Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-13Re: [tied] Greek labiovelars before e/i > dentals
10202Christopher Gwinn2001-10-13Re: Skiri Bastarnae
10203João S. Lopes Filho2001-10-13Angerona
10204S.Kalyanaraman2001-10-13Dating PIE
10205Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10206liberty@...2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10207Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10208Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10209P&G2001-10-14Re: [tied] Germanic Numerals
10210P&G2001-10-14Re: [tied] Re: Creation > IE Astronomy
10211Marc Verhaegen2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10212João S. Lopes Filho2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10213Marc Verhaegen2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10214Marc Verhaegen2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10215Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10216Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10217Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10218Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-14Re: [tied] Germanic Numerals
10219lsroute66@...2001-10-14Re: Skiri Bastarnae
10220João S. Lopes Filho2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10221João S. Lopes Filho2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10222João S. Lopes Filho2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10223Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10224Marc Verhaegen2001-10-14Re: [tied] IE numbers
10225João S. Lopes Filho2001-10-15IE for goat, buck, kid, etc
10226gknysh@...2001-10-15Wheeled vehicles
10227tgpedersen@...2001-10-15Liburnan Isis in Germania
10228tgpedersen@...2001-10-15Re: Skiri Bastarnae
10229P&G2001-10-15Re: [tied] Dating PIE
10230tgpedersen@...2001-10-15[tied] Re: Skiri Bastarnae
10231tgpedersen@...2001-10-15[tied] Re: Skiri Bastarnae
10232tgpedersen@...2001-10-15Re: Skiri Bastarnae
10233tgpedersen@...2001-10-15Re: Skiri Bastarnae
10234tgpedersen@...2001-10-15Re: Krak and his dragon
10235ravi9@...2001-10-15Re: Wheeled vehicles
10236cas111jd@...2001-10-15Re: Liburnan Isis in Germania
10237Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-15Re: Dating PIE
10238Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-15Re: [tied] Dating PIE
10239cas111jd@...2001-10-15Re: Krak and his dragon
10240Christopher Gwinn2001-10-15Re: Liburnan Isis in Germania
10241george knysh2001-10-15Re: [tied] Re: Wheeled vehicles
10242Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-15Re: Krak and his dragon
10243Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-15Re: [tied] Wheeled vehicles
10244naga_ganesan@...2001-10-15Re: Dating PIE
10245VAgarwalV@...2001-10-15Re: [tied] Wheeled vehicles
10246ravi9@...2001-10-15Re: [tied] Wheeled vehicles
10247João S. Lopes Filho2001-10-15kronos = kumarpish
10248markodegard@...2001-10-15Re: Dating PIE
10249markodegard@...2001-10-15Re: kronos = kumarpish
10250Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-15Re: [tied] Wheeled vehicles
10251Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-15Re: Dating PIE
10252george knysh2001-10-15Re: [tied] Wheeled vehicles
10253george knysh2001-10-15Re: [tied] Wheeled vehicles
10254VAgarwalV@...2001-10-15Re: [tied] Wheeled vehicles
10255Glen Gordon2001-10-16Re: [tied] Re: Creation > IE Astronomy
10256Glen Gordon2001-10-16Re: [tied] Re: Creation > IE Astronomy
10257Glen Gordon2001-10-16Re: [tied] Re: Creation > IE Astronomy
10258Glen Gordon2001-10-16Re: [tied] Re: Dating PIE
10259Glen Gordon2001-10-16Re: [tied] IE numbers
10260Glen Gordon2001-10-16Re: [tied] IE numbers
10261Glen Gordon2001-10-16Re: [tied] Re: Creation > IE Astronomy
10262Glen Gordon2001-10-16Re: [tied] IE numbers
10263João S. Lopes Filho2001-10-16Re: [tied] Re: kronos = kumarpish
10264malmqvist52@...2001-10-16Re: Liburnan Isis in Germania
10265malmqvist52@...2001-10-16Re: Liburnan Isis in Germania
10266Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-16Re: [tied] IE numbers
10267Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-16Re: [tied] IE numbers
10268Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-16Re: [tied] IE numbers
10269Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-16Re: [tied] Wheeled vehicles
10270lsroute66@...2001-10-16Re-evaluating Dereivka nad Yamna
10271lsroute66@...2001-10-16Tribal Names in IE Languages
10272lsroute66@...2001-10-16Bastarnae as Mercenaries
10273george knysh2001-10-16Re: [tied] Wheeled vehicles
10274William P. Reaves2001-10-16Re: Odin the Immigrant?
10275William P. Reaves2001-10-16Re: Liburnan Isis in Germania
10276Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-16Re: [tied] Wheeled vehicles
10277Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-16Re: [tied] Pontic Indo-Aryans
10278tgpedersen@...2001-10-16Re: Tribal Names in IE Languages
10279tgpedersen@...2001-10-16Re: Odin the Immigrant?
10280tgpedersen@...2001-10-16Re: Liburnan Isis in Germania
10281S.Kalyanaraman2001-10-16Khva Tyya O Ryya Chi Ksha Na Ta Ku I [Was Wheeled vehicles]
10282george knysh2001-10-16Re: [tied] Khva Tyya O Ryya Chi Ksha Na Ta Ku I [Was Wheeled vehicl
10283george knysh2001-10-16Re: [tied] Re-evaluating Dereivka nad Yamna
10284Petr Strossa2001-10-16kWrep-?
10285markodegard@...2001-10-16Re: [tied] Re-evaluating Dereivka nad Yamna
10286Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-16Re: [tied] Khva Tyya O Ryya Chi Ksha Na Ta Ku I [Was Wheeled vehicl
10287Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-16Re: [tied] kWrep-?
10288Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-16Re: [tied] Khva Tyya O Ryya Chi Ksha Na Ta Ku I [Was Wheeled vehicl
10290Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-16Re: [tied] Khva Tyya O Ryya Chi Ksha Na Ta Ku I [Was Wheeled vehicl
10291Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-16Slavic -ovU and -inU
10292cas111jd@...2001-10-16[tied] Re: Creation > IE Astronomy
10293cas111jd@...2001-10-16[tied] Re: Creation > IE Astronomy
10294Piotr Gasiorowski2001-10-16Re: [tied] Khva Tyya O Ryya Chi Ksha Na Ta Ku I [Was Wheeled vehicl
10295craig011853@...2001-10-16Does anyone know if
10296george knysh2001-10-16Re: [tied] Re-evaluating Dereivka and Yamna
10297george knysh2001-10-16*ekwos and friends
10298MrCaws@...2001-10-16Re: kronos = kumarpish
10299Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-10-16Re: [tied] *ekwos and friends
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