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4000Glen Gordon2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.
4001João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: PIE theogony
4002Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.
4003Glen Gordon2000-09-22Re: [tied] More kooky stuff
4004Glen Gordon2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.
4005Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-22Re: [tied] [w]anax
4006Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-22Re: [tied] More kooky stuff
4007Glen Gordon2000-09-22Re: [tied] More kooky stuff
4008Mark Odegard2000-09-22Re: [tied] [w]anax
4009Mark Odegard2000-09-22[w]anax
4010Mark Odegard2000-09-22Re: [w]anax
4011Yves Deroubaix2000-09-22[w]anax
4012Guillaume JACQUES2000-09-22Re: [tied] Digest Number 176
4013Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-23Re: [tied] [w]anax
4014Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-23Re: [tied] [w]anax
4015ARKURGAL@...2000-09-23Re: The Tripartitive Nature - - -
4016ARKURGAL@...2000-09-23Re: PIE theogony
4017dpoulter@...2000-09-23Signing Off (and a word on WANAX)
4018João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-23Re: [tied] PALLAS
4019João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-23Re: [tied] Re: Sarasvati
4020João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-23Re: [tied] [w]anax
4021Glen Gordon2000-09-23Re: [tied] PIE theogony
4022João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-23Re: [tied] PIE theogony
4023João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-23The Ancient Gods; begining to explain...
4024Julianus2000-09-23Re: [tied] PIE theogony
4025Mark Odegard2000-09-23Re: [tied] PIE theogony
4026John Croft2000-09-23Re: Digest Number 176
4027João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-23PIE Theogony
4028João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-23Nordic Nine Worlds
4029Thomas Nordengen2000-09-23Constructed or natural?
4030Dan Jones2000-09-24Re: [tied] Constructed or natural?
4031Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-24Re: *ag- [Was: (w)anax]
4032João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-24Re: [tied] Re: *ag- [Was: (w)anax]
4033Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-24Re: [tied] Re: Sarasvati
4034Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-24Re: [tied] Re: *ag- [Was: (w)anax]
4035Thomas Nordengen2000-09-25Re: Constructed or natural?
4036Thomas Nordengen2000-09-25Re: Nordic Nine Worlds
4037João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-25What's Rydberg Edda?
4038João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-25What is the Rydberg Edda? (correcting the previous one)
4039João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-25Re: [tied] Re: Nordic Nine Worlds
4040Thomas Nordengen2000-09-25Re: What's Rydberg Edda?
4041Thomas Nordengen2000-09-25Re: Nordic Nine Worlds
4042Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-25Re: [tied] What is the Rydberg Edda? (correcting the previous one)
4043Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-25Re: [tied] What is the Rydberg Edda? (correcting the previous one)
4044João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-26Re: [tied] What is the Rydberg Edda? (correcting the previous one)
4045Mark Odegard2000-09-26Finding Ezero.
4046Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-26Re: [tied] Finding Ezero.
4048Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-26Re: [tied] ROM-
4049Julia Borisenkova2000-09-26Re: [tied] Finding Ezero.
4050Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-26Re: [tied] Finding Ezero.
4051João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-26Re: [tied] Finding Ezero.
4052João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-26Re: [tied] ROM-
4053João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-26Re: [tied] ROM-
4054Rex H. McTyeire2000-09-26Re: [tied] Finding Ezero.
4055Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-26Re: [tied] Finding Ezero.
4056João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-26Re: [tied] Finding Ezero.
4057Christopher Straughn2000-09-26Re: [tied] Re: Constructed or natural?
4058Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-26Re: [tied] Finding Ezero.
4059Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-27Re: [tied] ROM-
4060Mark Odegard2000-09-27Stockfish and the Lofoten Islands.
4061João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-27Re: [tied] Finding Ezero.
4062João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-27Re: [tied] ROM-
4063João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-27Theogonia patterns
4064Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-27Re: [tied] ROM-
4065Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-27The Black Sea Flood
4066Mark Odegard2000-09-27Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4067Michal Milewski2000-09-27Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4068Mark Odegard2000-09-27Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4069Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-27Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4070João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-27Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4071Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-27Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4072Mark Odegard2000-09-27Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4073Mark Odegard2000-09-27Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4074mhd_ronal@...2000-09-28TRUE STORY : BE RICH IN A SHORT TIME!
4075João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-28Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4076João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-28Saturn (Shani)
4077Julianus2000-09-28Re: [tied] Saturn (Shani)
4078Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-28Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4079Jeffrey S. Jones2000-09-28Re: TRUE STORY : BE RICH IN A SHORT TIME!
4080Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-28Re: [tied] Re: TRUE STORY : BE RICH IN A SHORT TIME!
4081Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-28Fw: [tied] Re: TRUE STORY : BE RICH IN A SHORT TIME!
4082Thomas Nordengen2000-09-29Re: Constructed or natural?
4083Mark Odegard2000-09-29Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4084Håkan Lindgren2000-09-29Re: Constructed or natural
4085Håkan Lindgren2000-09-29Ne me nis nothing leef nor loth
4086Marc Verhaegen2000-09-29Re: [tied] Ne me nis nothing leef nor loth
4087Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-29Re: [tied] Re: Constructed or natural
4088Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-29Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4089Mark Odegard2000-09-30Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4090Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-30Re: [tied] The Black Sea Flood
4091Thomas Nordengen2000-09-30Re: Constructed or natural
4092Bruno Oliveira Maroneze2000-09-30Plural of nouns
4093Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-30Re: [tied] Re: Constructed or natural
4094Mark Odegard2000-10-01Euxine Event.
4095João Simões Lopes Filho2000-10-01Re: [tied] Plural of nouns
4096João Simões Lopes Filho2000-10-01Nereus and nerove
4097petegray2000-10-01Re: [tied] Plural of nouns
4098Piotr Gasiorowski2000-10-01Re: [tied] Euxine Event.
4099Håkan Lindgren2000-10-01Re: Constructed or natural?
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