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3900Christopher Gwinn2000-09-19Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3901Marc Verhaegen2000-09-19Re: [tied] Barrrows and burgs.
3902Marc Verhaegen2000-09-19Re: [tied] Birds (was Horse words)
3903Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-19Re: [tied] Birds (was Horse words)
3904Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-19Re: [tied] Barrrows and burgs.
3905Julianus2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Eight-pointed Star
3906Julianus2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: The Tripartitive Nature of IE Tripartition and wicke
3907Dennis King2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3908Dennis King2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3909John Croft2000-09-20Re: Religion
3910John Croft2000-09-20Re: Venus and Mars
3911Adriana Kamenetsky2000-09-20Five-pointed star
3912Adriana Kamenetsky2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Eight-pointed Star
3913John Croft2000-09-20Re: Religion
3914João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] Venus and Mars
3915João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3916João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] Przypadek
3917João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Pexwr-Genos
3918John Croft2000-09-20Re: Religion
3919John Croft2000-09-20Re: Venus and Mars
3920John Croft2000-09-20Re: Originators of the Seven
3921John Croft2000-09-20Re: Eight-pointed Star
3922João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3923João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] Barrrows and burgs.
3924João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3925João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Eight-pointed Star
3926Steve Woodson2000-09-20Re: [tied] Birds (was Horse words)
3927Mark Odegard2000-09-20Wheels.
3928Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-20Re: [tied] Przypadek
3929Christopher Gwinn2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3930Petr Strossa2000-09-20o-stems vs. u-stems
3931Christopher Gwinn2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3932Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-20Re: [tied] o-stems vs. u-stems
3933Dennis King2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3934João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] Przypadek
3935João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] o-stems vs. u-stems
3936João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3937Glen Gordon2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Parvati
3938Glen Gordon2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3939Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-20Re: [tied] The notoriously seductive mother-in-law
3940Dennis King2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Parvati
3941Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Parvati
3942Glen Gordon2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3943Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Parvati
3944Glen Gordon2000-09-20Re: [tied] Wheels.
3945Glen Gordon2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Parvati
3946Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-20Re: [tied] Re: Parvati
3947Christopher Gwinn2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3948Marc Verhaegen2000-09-21Re: [tied] Barrrows and burgs.
3949John Croft2000-09-21Re: Religion
3950John Croft2000-09-21Re: Religion
3951John Croft2000-09-21Re: Religion
3952João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Parvati
3953João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Parvati
3954John Croft2000-09-21Re: Wheels.
3955Glen Gordon2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3956Glen Gordon2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Venus and Mars
3957Rex H. McTyeire2000-09-21Quiz
3958João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-21Re: [tied] Wheels.
3959João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3960João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-21PALLAS
3961Glen Gordon2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Parvati
3962Christopher Gwinn2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3963Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Parvati
3965João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3966João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Sarasvati
3967João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-21PIE theogony
3968Håkan Lindgren2000-09-21Re: The Tripartitive Nature - - -
3969Håkan Lindgren2000-09-21Re: Przypadek
3970Glen Gordon2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3971Glen Gordon2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3972Glen Gordon2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.
3973Glen Gordon2000-09-21Re: [tied] Thunderbolt
3974Glen Gordon2000-09-21Re: [tied] PIE theogony
3975Glen Gordon2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: The Tripartitive Nature - - -
3976Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-21More kooky stuff
3977Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-21Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.
3978João Simões Lopes Filho2000-09-22Re: [tied] PIE theogony
3979ARKURGAL@...2000-09-22Re: PIE theogony
3980ARKURGAL@...2000-09-22Re: Thunderbolt
3981ARKURGAL@...2000-09-22Re: The Tripartitive Nature - - -
3982Glen Gordon2000-09-22Re: [tied] More kooky stuff
3983John Croft2000-09-22Re: Religion
3984John Croft2000-09-22Re: Wheels.
3985John Croft2000-09-22Re: Wheels.
3986John Croft2000-09-22Re: Wheels.
3987Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-22Re: Wheels.
3988Mark Odegard2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.
3989Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-22Re: [tied] More kooky stuff
3990Mark Odegard2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.
3991Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: Sarasvati
3992Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.
3993Yves Deroubaix2000-09-22[w]anax
3994Glen Gordon2000-09-22Re: [tied] PALLAS
3995Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-09-22wheels from Bronocice
3996Glen Gordon2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.
3997Glen Gordon2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: The Tripartitive Nature - - -
3998Glen Gordon2000-09-22Re: [tied] Re: Religion
3999Mark Odegard2000-09-22Re: [tied] [w]anax
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