Re: Venus and Mars

From: John Croft
Message: 3910
Date: 2000-09-20

Glen wrote> I'm sorry??! Do you have books where you live? Look at
one, please!
You must
> have at least an encyclopaedia at home, no?
> If we speak solely of Roman myth then, I still don't understand
> In Roman myth, Vulcan is the god of FIRE, metalworking and skilled
> craftwork. Vulcan liked to produce ARMOR and WEAPONS (aka WAR
tools). Vulcan
> married VENUS. Of course, Vulcan is based on Hephaestos (Greek god)
but this
> is still part of Roman myth nonetheless. Hephaestos was linked to
> What's inside vulcanoes? Lava, otherwise known as FIRE. Where does
> firey lava reside? Under the earth (aka UNDERWORLD).

Glen, Vulcan/Haephestos was a smith God, with cognates that go around
the IE world. Of course smiths worked with fire. Of course smiths
made weapons (along with cauldrons and other metal goods), and of
course weapons would be used in war, and of course war led to death,
which would lead to the underworld. By such chains of logic every
or goddess could be made into a God of the Underworld.

The association of Venus with Vulcan was copied from the Greeks.
Prior to that Venus was not associated as you suggest.



> Who do you think Vulcan-Hephaestos represents? Gee, well we have a
> connections with VENUS, FIRE, WAR and the UNDERWORLD. Who could
> possibly be, I wonder? Could it be the god *PexwrGnnos, Fire-Born?
> that's just too simple an idea to grasp at all, isn't it? It has to
> something more complex and obscure in order for Arkugal to respect
this as a
> valid point of view. There is no dispute here. You've lost this
> Second, Venus truely DID have an extramarital love affair with
_Mars_, so I
> REALLY do not know what you're babbling about but it's very
misinformed at
> any rate. What I've mentioned is all Roman myth. So, what Latin
deities are
> _you_ refering to??
> Arkugal:
> >Now, you insist on arguing that in Semitic tradition this and
> >but that is, literally, beside the point. You assume that the IE
> > >mythologies are determinated by the Semitic ones and that's
final. >Well,
> >all your statments are good indications that the Semitic
is far
> >less important than some people say. Because, in >fact, MARS and
> >two IE Latin Deities, and ASTARTE, and BAAL, >etc., are Semitic.
> >all.
> You are clearly dillusional if you honestly believe that the Latin
> are pure, native creations. They certainly derive from a proto-IE
set of
> myths because of the similarities amongst other beliefs of IE
> peoples.
> However, there are still a million and one connections between the
> proto-IE myths, which must by definition go back to around 4000 BCE
or so,
> and the myths of the MiddleEast even though names of these deities
> differ. The so-called IE *Tritos myth is clearly related to the
story of
> Marduk and Tiamat (aka Baal and Yam) across the ancient MiddleEast.
> association of a bull to the sky god as we find in IE myth is
> MiddleEastern concept and is not originally IE. And yet, for there
to have
> been a connection between IE and MiddleEastern belief, this
connection would
> have to have been pre-historic.
> I can bring up many direct IE-MiddleEastern connections, if you
like. There
> are certainly far too many clear connections in fact to support
> viewpoint unless you enjoy being argumentative.
> - gLeN
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