Re: [tied] More kooky stuff

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 3982
Date: 2000-09-22

>Those interested in intellectual deviations may see here
>a cautionary example of what "30 years of intensive thought and >research"
>can do to you.

Wonderfully frightening, Piotr. Thank you. This is a must-see folks... as
well as a must-hear. For those of you with speakers, your entry into the
link "Noah's Flood" will reward you with an automatically played midi file
entitled "Lazy Days", a cowpoke song right out of the Wild Wild West which
matches so well with the topic at hand, don't you think? (I joke not. Check
it out for yourselves. Yixes!).

There are other mentally deranged selections of music that will thrill and
entertain even the most atheist of non-believers. I'll definitely be adding
this one to my growing list of Kook Links :)

- gLeN

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