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45800m62006-08-22Re: [tied] Helios
45801Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-22Re: [tied] Helios
45802Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-22Re: [tied] Helios
45803m62006-08-22Re: [tied] Helios
45804Joao S. Lopes2006-08-23Re: [tied] Helios
45805Joao S. Lopes2006-08-23Re: [tied] Helios
45806Sean Whalen2006-08-23Re: [tied] Helios
45807Joao S. Lopes2006-08-23Re: [tied] Helios
45808m62006-08-23Re: [tied] Helios
45809Joao S. Lopes2006-08-23Apsaras, Rakshas, Yakshas
45810Edgard Bikelis2006-08-23Re: [tied] Helios
45811m62006-08-23Re: [tied] Helios
45812Joao S. Lopes2006-08-23Re: [tied] Helios
45813Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-23Re: [tied] Helios
45814tgpedersen2006-08-23Re: Question on PIE Root h2ep- 'to grab'
45815Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-24Re: [tied] Helios
45816Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-24Re: [tied] Helios
45817m62006-08-24Re: [tied] Helios
45818Anthony Appleyard2006-08-24Please can someone translate a short text from Norwegian to English?
45819Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-24Re: [tied] Helios
45820Francesco Brighenti2006-08-24Re: Apsaras, Rakshas, Yakshas
45821Francesco Brighenti2006-08-24Typos
45822Joao S. Lopes2006-08-24Re: [tied] Helios
45823m62006-08-24Re: [tied] Helios
45824Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-24Re: [tied] Helios
45825Joao S. Lopes2006-08-25Helios, sH2wel
45826Petr Hrubis2006-08-25Lat. "Arbor"
45827Daniel J. Milton2006-08-25Re: Lat. "Arbor"
45828Joao S. Lopes2006-08-25Re: [tied] Re: Lat. "Arbor"
45829Patrick Ryan2006-08-25Re: [tied] Helios
45830Daniel J. Milton2006-08-25Re: [tied] Helios
45831Patrick Ryan2006-08-25Re: [tied] Helios
45832Sean Whalen2006-08-26Re: [tied] Helios
45833tgpedersen2006-08-26Re: Helios
45834Sean Whalen2006-08-26Re: [tied] Helios
45835Sean Whalen2006-08-26Re: [tied] Re: Lat. "Arbor"
45836Joao S. Lopes2006-08-26Re: [tied] Helios
45837Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-26Re: [tied] Helios
45838Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-26Re: [tied] Helios
45839Cuadrado2006-08-26Latin Ult-
45840tgpedersen2006-08-26Re: Helios
45841Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-26Re: [tied] Helios
45842stlatos2006-08-27Re: [tied] Helios
45843stlatos2006-08-27Re: [tied] Helios
45844stlatos2006-08-27Re: [tied] Helios
45846P&G2006-08-27Re: [tied] Evidence for Laryngeals in Albanian
45847Abdullah Konushevci2006-08-27Re: [tied] Evidence for Laryngeals in Albanian
45848tgpedersen2006-08-27Re: Germanic strong verbs class VI
45849Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-27Re: [tied] Helios
45850Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-27Re: [tied] Helios
45851Joao S. Lopes2006-08-27Re: [tied] Re: Helios
45852Sean Whalen2006-08-27Re: [tied] Helios
45853Sean Whalen2006-08-27Re: [tied] Helios
45854Petr Hrubis2006-08-27Re: [tied] Re: Lat. "Arbor"
45855Brian M. Scott2006-08-27Re[2]: [tied] Re: Lat. "Arbor"
45856Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-27Re: [tied] Helios
45857Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-27Re: [tied] Helios
45858Petr Hrubis2006-08-27Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Lat. "Arbor"
45859Sean Whalen2006-08-28Re: [tied] Helios
45860Sean Whalen2006-08-28Re: [tied] Helios
45861P&G2006-08-28Re: [tied] Evidence for Laryngeals in Albanian
45862Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-28Re: [tied] Helios
45863Jaroslaw Jozefowicz2006-08-28Hi everyone
45864alexandru_mg32006-08-28Re: [tied] Evidence for Laryngeals in Albanian
45865alexandru_mg32006-08-28Re: [tied] Latin du:rus and Dacian Duras Diurpaneus
45866Petr Hrubis2006-08-28Re: [tied] Hi everyone
45867tgpedersen2006-08-28Re: Subjunctive and Thematic Present
45868Joao S. Lopes2006-08-28Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Lat. "Arbor"
45869tgpedersen2006-08-28Re: Subjunctive and Thematic Present
45870Joao S. Lopes2006-08-28PIE Anthropogony
45871Joao S. Lopes2006-08-28Origin of Kentauros
45872tgpedersen2006-08-29o-grade thoughts
45873Sean Whalen2006-08-29Re: [tied] Helios
45874Joao S. Lopes2006-08-29Gody, Slavic
45875Sean Whalen2006-08-29Re: [tied] Helios
45876Joao S. Lopes2006-08-29Re: [tied] Origin of Kentauros
45877Max Dashu2006-08-29Re: [tied] Gody, Slavic
45878Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-29Re: [tied] Helios
45879Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-29Thematic *-e/o- : *-i- revisited
45880Joao S. Lopes2006-08-29Re: [tied] Gody, Slavic
45881Petr Hrubis2006-08-29Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Lat. "Arbor"
45882Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-29Re: [tied] Gody, Slavic
45883Joao S. Lopes2006-08-29Re: [tied] Gody, Slavic
45884Petr Hrubis2006-08-29Re: [tied] Gody, Slavic
45885Petr Hrubis2006-08-29Re: [tied] Gody, Slavic
45886Joao S. Lopes2006-08-29Re: [tied] Gody, Slavic) Gandharva
45887Jaroslaw Jozefowicz2006-08-29Re: [tied] Hi everyone
45888Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-29Re: [tied] o-grade thoughts
45889tgpedersen2006-08-29Re: o-grade thoughts
45890Joao S. Lopes2006-08-29Ketos
45891Piotr Gasiorowski2006-08-29Re: [tied] Re: o-grade thoughts
45892Joao S. Lopes2006-08-29Re: [tied] Helios
45893tgpedersen2006-08-29[tied] Re: o-grade thoughts
45894Brian M. Scott2006-08-30Re: [tied] Re: o-grade thoughts
45895Sean Whalen2006-08-30Re: [tied] Thematic *-e/o- : *-i- revisited
45896tgpedersen2006-08-30[tied] Re: o-grade thoughts
45897Joao S. Lopes2006-08-30o:u-theme words in Greek
45898Petr Hrubis2006-08-30Re: [tied] Hi everyone
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