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34500Richard Wordingham2004-10-06Re: work
34501alex2004-10-06Re: [tied] Re: work
34502Abdullah Konushevci2004-10-06[tied] Re: work
34503Abdullah Konushevci2004-10-06[tied] Re: work
34504Sean Whalen2004-10-06Re: [tied] Re: Venus [was: Why borrow 'seven'? (was: IE right & 10)]
34505Sean Whalen2004-10-06Re: [tied] Talking of locatives [Was: Some thoughts...]
34506Sean Whalen2004-10-06Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34507Joao2004-10-06CARDINAL POINTS (ex-Venus, ex-Why borrow 'seven'?ex-IE right & 10)]
34508Sean Whalen2004-10-06Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34509Sean Whalen2004-10-06Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34510Sean Whalen2004-10-06Re: [tied] CARDINAL POINTS (ex-Venus, ex-Why borrow 'seven'?ex-IE r
34511Miguel Carrasquer2004-10-06Re: [tied] Talking of locatives [Was: Some thoughts...]
34512Sean Whalen2004-10-06Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34513Sean Whalen2004-10-06Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34514Sean Whalen2004-10-06Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34515Joao2004-10-06Re: [tied] CARDINAL POINTS (ex-Venus, ex-Why borrow 'seven'?ex-IE r
34516petusek2004-10-07Re: [tied] work
34517Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34518Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34519Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34520Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34521Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34522Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34523Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34524Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34525Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34526Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34527Richard Wordingham2004-10-07Whalen's Pre-PIE Phonology (was: Some thoughts...)
34528Richard Wordingham2004-10-07[tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34529Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34530Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34531Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34532Piotr Gasiorowski2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34533Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34534Michael Smith2004-10-07Salty Balty
34535Piotr Gasiorowski2004-10-07Re: [tied] Talking of locatives [Was: Some thoughts...]
34536Sean Whalen2004-10-07Derivations 1
34537Sean Whalen2004-10-07Reasons (was [tied] Re: Some thoughts...)
34538Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 2
34539Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: Reasons (was [tied] Re: Some thoughts...)
34540Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 3
34541tgpedersen2004-10-07Re: pan-
34542tgpedersen2004-10-07Re: pan-
34543Piotr Gasiorowski2004-10-07Reasons (was [tied] Re: Some thoughts...)
34544Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: Reasons (was [tied] Re: Some thoughts...)
34545Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 4
34546Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 5
34547Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 6
34548Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 7
34549Brian M. Scott2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: pan-
34550Christopher Culver2004-10-07Accentuation in OCS/Proto-Slavic
34551Abdullah Konushevci2004-10-07Albanian 'hart'
34552Joao2004-10-07Re: [tied] Re: pan-
34553Joao2004-10-07Ogam/Ogme, etymology
34554Sean Whalen2004-10-07Re: [tied] Derivations 7
34555Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 8
34556Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 9
34557Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 10
34558Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 10
34559Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 11
34560Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 12
34561Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 13
34562Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 14 sun
34563Sean Whalen2004-10-07[tied] Derivations 15 sun
34564Sean Whalen2004-10-08[tied] Derivations 16 son
34565Sean Whalen2004-10-08[tied] Derivations 17 opt
34566CG2004-10-08Re: Ogam/Ogme, etymology
34567Richard Wordingham2004-10-08Re: Derivations 2
34568Sean Whalen2004-10-08Re: [tied] Re: Derivations 2
34569Sean Whalen2004-10-08Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...
34570Piotr Gasiorowski2004-10-08Re: Reasons (was [tied] Re: Some thoughts...)
34571Joao2004-10-08Re: [tied] Re: Ogam/Ogme, etymology
34572CG2004-10-08Re: Ogam/Ogme, etymology
34573Joao2004-10-08Re: [tied] Re: Ogam/Ogme, etymology
34574Sean Whalen2004-10-08Re: Reasons (was [tied] Re: Some thoughts...)
34575Sean Whalen2004-10-08A-Deletion (was Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...)
34576Sean Whalen2004-10-08[tied] Derivations 18 accent
34577Sean Whalen2004-10-08[tied] Derivations 19 voc
34578Sean Whalen2004-10-09[tied] Derivations 20 -Cs
34579tgpedersen2004-10-09Re: pan-
34580Richard Wordingham2004-10-09PIE **fr- (was: Reasons)
34581enlil@...2004-10-10Re: [tied] Etruscan numerals
34582Sean Whalen2004-10-10Re: [tied] PIE **fr- (was: Reasons)
34583Richard Wordingham2004-10-10Re: PIE **fr- (was: Reasons)
34584Richard Wordingham2004-10-10Re: Derivations 7 ('sister')
34585Sean Whalen2004-10-10tones (was Re: Reasons (was [tied] Re: Some thoughts...))
34586Abdullah Konushevci2004-10-11Re: "One" in Albanian [revisited]
34587Piotr Gasiorowski2004-10-11Re: Reasons (was [tied] Re: Some thoughts...)
34588Piotr Gasiorowski2004-10-11Re: [tied] Re: PIE **fr- (was: Reasons)
34589radha_canada2004-10-11Beinn Bhreagh
34590Richard Wordingham2004-10-11Re: Beinn Bhreagh
34591tgpedersen2004-10-11Re: pan-
34592Brian M. Scott2004-10-11Re: [tied] Re: Beinn Bhreagh
34593Sean Whalen2004-10-11[tied] Eurasian Proto-Language
34594Sean Whalen2004-10-11Re: Reasons (was [tied] Re: Some thoughts...)
34595enlil@...2004-10-11Re: [tied] Talking of locatives [Was: Some thoughts...]
34596enlil@...2004-10-11Re: [tied] Re: Venus [was: Why borrow 'seven'? (was: IE right & 10)]
34597enlil@...2004-10-11Re: [tied] Etruscan numerals
34598Joao2004-10-11Re: [tied] Re: Venus [was: Why borrow 'seven'? (was: IE right &
34599enlil@...2004-10-11Re: [tied] seven layered-world
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