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33400mcv@...2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33401P&G2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33402enlil@...2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33403enlil@...2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33404enlil@...2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33405enlil@...2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33406enlil@...2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33407enlil@...2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: gen. -yo
33408mcv@...2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33409elmeras20002004-07-06[tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33410Exu Yangi2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33411Exu Yangi2004-07-06Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33412Richard Wordingham2004-07-06Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33413Richard Wordingham2004-07-06Re: Monovocalism: sequel - correction
33414Richard Wordingham2004-07-07Pronouns Stress (was: Monovocalism: sequel)
33415CG2004-07-07Ancient European remains discovered in Qinghai
33416mcvwxsnl2004-07-07Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33417tgpedersen2004-07-07Re: gen. -yo
33418tgpedersen2004-07-07Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33419mcv@...2004-07-07Re: [tied] Pronouns Stress (was: Monovocalism: sequel)
33420Harald Hammarström2004-07-07Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33421Harald Hammarström2004-07-07Re: [tied] Slavic *-os (*-om)
33422tgpedersen2004-07-07[tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33423mcv@...2004-07-07Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33424Harald Hammarström2004-07-07Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33425mcv@...2004-07-07Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33426Joao2004-07-07Czech Coufal/Koufal
33427tgpedersen2004-07-07Re: gen. -yo
33428Exu Yangi2004-07-07Re: [tied] Pronouns Stress (was: Monovocalism: sequel)
33429enlil@...2004-07-07Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33430enlil@...2004-07-07Re: [tied] Pronouns Stress (was: Monovocalism: sequel)
33431enlil@...2004-07-07Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33432elmeras20002004-07-07Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33433elmeras20002004-07-08Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33434Exu Yangi2004-07-08Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33435Brian M. Scott2004-07-08Re[2]: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33436tgpedersen2004-07-08Re: gen. -yo
33437tgpedersen2004-07-08Another way of arriving at ablaut
33438mcv@...2004-07-08Re: [tied] Another way of arriving at ablaut
33439tgpedersen2004-07-08Re: Another way of arriving at ablaut
33440tgpedersen2004-07-08Re: [tied] Another way of arriving at ablaut
33441mcv@...2004-07-08Re: [tied] Re: Another way of arriving at ablaut
33442tgpedersen2004-07-08Re: Another way of arriving at ablaut
33443tgpedersen2004-07-08Re: [tied] Slavic *-os (*-om)
33444tgpedersen2004-07-08[tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33445mcv@...2004-07-08Re: [tied] Re: Another way of arriving at ablaut
33446mcv@...2004-07-08Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33447mcv@...2004-07-08Re: [tied] Pronouns Stress (was: Monovocalism: sequel)
33448Richard Wordingham2004-07-08English 2s. -t (was: Slavic *-os (*-om))
33449alex2004-07-09Ukr. "sokotyty"
33450tgpedersen2004-07-09Re: English 2s. -t (was: Slavic *-os (*-om))
33451tgpedersen2004-07-09[tied] Re: Another way of arriving at ablaut
33452tgpedersen2004-07-09[tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33453tgpedersen2004-07-09Re: [tied] Slavic *-os (*-om)
33454Brian M. Scott2004-07-09Re: [tied] Re: English 2s. -t (was: Slavic *-os (*-om))
33455Ben McGarr2004-07-09Re: Ancient European remains discovered in Qinghai
33456mkapovic@...2004-07-09Re: [tied] Slavic *-os (*-om)
33457enlil@...2004-07-10Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33458enlil@...2004-07-10Re: [tied] Pronouns Stress (was: Monovocalism: sequel)
33459enlil@...2004-07-10Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33460enlil@...2004-07-10Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33461Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-07-10IE lexical accent
33462elmeras20002004-07-10[tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33463enlil@...2004-07-10Re: [tied] Re: gen. -yo
33464elmeras20002004-07-10Re: IE lexical accent: corr.
33465Brian M. Scott2004-07-10Re[4]: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33466tgpedersen2004-07-10[tied] Re: English 2s. -t (was: Slavic *-os (*-om))
33468tgpedersen2004-07-10[tied] Re: English 2s. -t (was: Slavic *-os (*-om))
33469Richard Wordingham2004-07-10[tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33470enlil@...2004-07-10Re: Re[4]: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33471enlil@...2004-07-10Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33472Brian M. Scott2004-07-10Re[6]: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33473Brian M. Scott2004-07-10Re: [tied] Wuz
33474Frank Verhoft2004-07-10Re: [tied] Wuz
33475enlil@...2004-07-10Re: Re[6]: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33476elmeras20002004-07-11[tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33477Brian M. Scott2004-07-11Re[8]: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33478enlil@...2004-07-11Re: IE lexical accent
33479enlil@...2004-07-11Re: [tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33480elmeras20002004-07-11Re: IE lexical accent
33481Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-11Re: [tied] Slavic *-os (*-om)
33482Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-11Re: [tied] IE lexical accent
33483elmeras20002004-07-12Re: [tied] IE lexical accent
33484Piotr Gasiorowski2004-07-12Re: [tied] Slavic *-os (*-om)
33485tgpedersen2004-07-12Re: Wuz
33486tgpedersen2004-07-12Re: [tied] Wuz
33487tgpedersen2004-07-12Re: IE lexical accent
33488Sergejus Tarasovas2004-07-12Re: [tied] Slavic *-os (*-om)
33489Frank Verhoft2004-07-12Re: Wuz
33490tgpedersen2004-07-12Re: Wuz
33491Frank Verhoft2004-07-12Re: [tied] Re: Wuz
33492elmeras20002004-07-12[tied] Re: Monovocalism: sequel
33493enlil@...2004-07-12Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33494Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-07-12Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33495Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-07-12Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33496Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-12Re: [tied] IE lexical accent
33497Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-12Re: [tied] Slavic *-os (*-om)
33498Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-12Re: [tied] Re: Wuz
33499Brian M. Scott2004-07-13Re[2]: [tied] Wuz
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