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17700alex_lycos2003-01-16Re: [tied] gerundium in slavic
17701Miguel Carrasquer2003-01-16Re: [tied] PUralic for deer, boar, wolf or bear
17702anthonyappleyard 2003-01-16Re: The Slavic imperfect
17703Robert B Wilson2003-01-16Re: [tied] Re: Elohim
17704Piotr Gasiorowski2003-01-17Re: [tied] Re: Elohim
17705george knysh2003-01-17Re: [tied] Re: Elohim
17706Piotr Gasiorowski2003-01-17Re: [tied] Re: Elohim
17707S.Kalyanaraman 2003-01-17Re: [tied] Out of Bharat Theory (OBT)
17708P&G2003-01-17Re: [tied] Elohim
17709P&G2003-01-17Re: [tied] Limits of historical linguistics and the IE problem
17710P&G2003-01-17Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17711P&G2003-01-17Re: [tied] Re: Elohim
17712Richard Wordingham 2003-01-17Re: [tied] Fwd: Aryanism and Journal of Indo-European Studies
17713tgpedersen 2003-01-17Re: [tied] gerund
17714tgpedersen 2003-01-17Re: [tied] Out of Bharat Theory (OBT)
17715S.Kalyanaraman 2003-01-17Re: [tied] Out of Bharat Theory (OBT)
17716alex_lycos2003-01-17Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17717P. Wolfe 2003-01-17Introduction
17718tgpedersen 2003-01-17Re: elohim
17719tgpedersen 2003-01-17Re: [tied] Out of Bharat Theory (OBT)
17720philippos20032003-01-17Re: [tied] Introduction
17721alex_lycos2003-01-17Typhon & Co
17722CeiSerith@...2003-01-17Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17724Richard Wordingham 2003-01-17Re: Translation
17726m_iacomi 2003-01-17Re: refren
17727alex_lycos2003-01-17Re: [tied] refren , please ignore
17728alex_lycos2003-01-17Re: [tied] Re: refren--> Mr Iacomi
17729P. Wolfe 2003-01-17Re: [tied] Introduction
17730Ben McGarr 2003-01-18Re: [tied] gerund
17731S.Kalyanaraman 2003-01-18Re: [tied] Out of Bharat Theory (OBT)
17732S.Kalyanaraman 2003-01-18Re: [tied] Out of Bharat Theory (OBT)
17733Glen Gordon2003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Medieval Dragons, dog/snake, Greek Dragons
17734Glen Gordon2003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Words versus Roots
17735Glen Gordon2003-01-18Re: [tied] Ancient female figurines (was Medieval Dragons, dog/snak
17736Glen Gordon2003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17737Glen Gordon2003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17738Glen Gordon2003-01-18Re: [tied] Fwd: Aryanism and Journal of Indo-European Studies
17739Glen Gordon2003-01-18Re: [tied] Fwd: Aryanism and Journal of Indo-European Studies
17740Piotr Gasiorowski2003-01-18Re: [tied] gerund
17741alex_lycos2003-01-18OCS & Builder
17742alex_lycos2003-01-18greek "sala-"
17743alex_lycos2003-01-18Re: [tied] greek "sala-" +correction
17744P&G2003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Elohim
17745Antonio Sciarretta2003-01-18Re: [tied] greek "sala-" +correction
17746tgpedersen 2003-01-18[tied] Re: Words versus Roots
17747tgpedersen 2003-01-18Re: [tied] Ancient female figurines (was Medieval Dragons, dog/snak
17748tgpedersen 2003-01-18Re: [tied] gerund
17749tgpedersen 2003-01-18para
17750P&G2003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17751P&G2003-01-18Re: [tied] Introduction
17752P&G2003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17753P&G2003-01-18Re: [tied] greek "sala-" +correction
17754tgpedersen 2003-01-18Wetnose
17755alex_lycos2003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17756Miguel Carrasquer2003-01-18Re: [tied] para
17757alex_lycos2003-01-18Re: [tied] greek "sala-" +correction
17758danjmi 2003-01-18Re: [tied] para
17759alex_lycos2003-01-18Re: [tied] para
17760Miguel Carrasquer2003-01-18Re: [tied] para
17761CeiSerith@...2003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17762alex_lycos2003-01-18Re: [tied] para
17763philippos20032003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Elohim
17764Jean Kelly2003-01-18Re: Ancient female figurines (was Medieval Dragons, dog/snake, Gree
17765Miguel Carrasquer2003-01-18Re: [tied] para
17766alex_lycos2003-01-18Re: [tied] para
17767Harald Hammarstrom2003-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17768Miguel Carrasquer2003-01-18Re: [tied] para
17769andelkod 2003-01-18South Slavic name from 820th
17770altamix 2003-01-19Re: [tied] para
17771Piotr Gasiorowski2003-01-19Re: [tied] South Slavic name from 820th
17772Miguel Carrasquer2003-01-19Re: [tied] South Slavic name from 820th
17773Glen Gordon2003-01-19Re: [tied] Re: Ancient female figurines (was Medieval Dragons, dog/
17774Ben McGarr 2003-01-19*swesor
17775alex_lycos2003-01-19Re: [tied] *swesor
17776P&G2003-01-19Re: [tied] Re: Elohim
17777P&G2003-01-19Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17778P&G2003-01-19Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17780philippos20032003-01-19Re: [tied] Re: Elohim
17781João Simões Lopes Filho2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17782alex_lycos2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17783Miguel Carrasquer2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17784Max Dashu2003-01-19Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism
17785Piotr Gasiorowski2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17786Brandon 2003-01-19Re: *swesor
17787João Simões Lopes Filho2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17788João Simões Lopes Filho2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17789Sergejus Tarasovas 2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17790Piotr Gasiorowski2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17791Sergejus Tarasovas 2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17792Piotr Gasiorowski2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17793alex_lycos2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17794aap_br 2003-01-19Introduction
17795Piotr Gasiorowski2003-01-19Re: [tied] Introduction
17796João Simões Lopes Filho2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17797alex_lycos2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17798Piotr Gasiorowski2003-01-19Re: [tied] bison
17799Jean Kelly2003-01-19Ancient female figurines (was Medieval Dragons, dog/snake, Greek Dr
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