Re: [tied] Re: refren--> Mr Iacomi

From: alex_lycos
Message: 17728
Date: 2003-01-17

m_iacomi@... wrote:

> Being full of CH3-CH2-OH could be also a possible reason for
> posting something in Romanian on an international discussion list

I should smile but something stops me to that. Can it be you are making
assumptions without any
provable reasons? Or this should have been intended to be a bad joke
like "kopsa" in Vegliote?

> Just the simple fact that the (postposed) article had not been
> invented at that time, so there is no way to link a word heard
> some centuries B.C. with a Romanian vocative exhibiting a feature
> developed only after 6-th century a.D. (at least) from the very
> same Latin demonstrative as in other Romance languages
> Case closed
> Marius Iacomi

Since here you are the one who see that someone is full of CH3-CH2-OH
but in the same time you are aware this is an international discussion
list, me, the another one, I don't see why any comment at all on this
list regarding this
unhappy posted message.
It seems you missed the discussion about "Jovis pater" on this list,
regarding your "postposed" assumtion.
Case closed from my side too here on this list.