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From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2003-01-19

According to
Croatian : europski bizon
Czech: zubr
Polish: z.ubr
Slovakian> zubor
Slovenian - zober
Upper Sorbian: zubr
Lower Sorbian: zubr
Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian: zubr
Bulgarian: zub"r

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>From *gômbH- "tooth" ?

Perhaps. In Old Polish, zaNbrz was used for "tiger" (modern Polish
z.ubr has irregular z^- for z- [Mazurian dialect?] and -/u/- for
-/oN/- [East Slavic?]). Except for Russian dialectal <izubr> with i-,
the other Slavic forms point to *zoNbrU (or *zoNbrI), which could be a
regular adjectival formation from *g ^ombhos "tooth", *g^ombh-ros
"toothy, toothed". However, the word also occurs in Baltic, and the
initial there does not correspond with Slavic z-: Latv. sumbrs, su:brs
or subrs with s-, Lith. stum~bras with st-, and OPr. wissamb(e)rs with
wis(s)-. The Old Prussian form is suggestive of Germanic *wisantaz ~
*wirantaz [*wis-ont-os "the stinking one"] (> Greek, Latin biso:n).

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal

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