Re: [tied] Out of Bharat Theory (OBT)

From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 17731
Date: 2003-01-18

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<tgpedersen@...> wrote:> With regard to "across the water", would
it make sense to > see 'Bharat' as signifying one of the sides of
the Sarasvati river > (eg. relative to the geographical position of
the Mleccha)?

Thanks a lot Torsten, for the insight.

There is a vivid analysis by Gregory L. Possehl in his magnum opus
trilogy, Indus Age: The Beginnings about a culture called Amri-Nal.

This refers to sites located on the coastline of the Arabian Sea and
the eastern edge of the Persian Gulf, representing the maritime
origins of IVC. Sites such as Padri, Somnath (Prabhas Patan),
Dwaraka, Surkotada, Amri, Nal (on the Makran coast, north of

So, the 'acorss the water' semantics may as well refer to the mouth
of the River Sarasvati.

Re: mleccha, there were some threads which disucced the term on this
list. I think the antelope carried by the Elam kings (silver and
gold statuettes) was called mr..eka and a rebus for the king moloch,
the sea-farers god. There are later-day bronze images of Somaskanda
carrying on one arm an axe and on another an antelope with its neck
turned backwards. Meluhha!