Re: [tied] greek "sala-" +correction

From: alex_lycos
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Date: 2003-01-18

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> > > Has anyone an idea about the etymology of Greek word "salamoura"?
> > > So far I know an "s" before one vowel became aspirate in old Greek
> > > like septa >hepta but I am not sure how this in coin was
> The word is not classical, so I guess it's a later loan. That
explains the
> initial s-. Inherited words with initial s- in Greek derived from
> clusters, eg sos = "your" (Homer/Attic) < *two- (with a bit of
> thrown in)
> Peter

until now I have the feeling that this is in fact a Romanian word loaned
by Greeks. The "s" is just in new words in Greek language in a such
position and before one vowel and if there is no explanation for
"-moura" then it seems there is indeed not from Greek but from Romanian
. I expect in greek a semantism like to soak, to pickle, to put in salty
water for this "moura"
Rom. "a mura"= to soak, to pickle, cf DEX = from "moare"; moare= cf. DEX
maybe Latin "moria"; latin moria=????