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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-01-19

The relation of *zo~brU to Lithuanian stumbras and Latv. sumbrs remains to be clarified. It looks as if the PBSl. word had been something like *stumbras or *stumras, with an irregular treatment of the initial in Slavic (possibly due folk-etymological contamination with *zo~bU < *g^ombH- 'tooth, sharp point'?). Various analyses of *stum(b)ras have been proposed, all of them speculative. The Old Prussian word wissambras looks like a puzzling cross between Slavic *zo~brU and (M)Ger. wisant.

Germanic *wisand-/*wisund- is no doubt of participial origin, apparently < *wis(o)nto- 'stinking (beast)', cf. weasel < *wisulo:n- 'little stinker'.


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> From *gômbH- "tooth" ?
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> > the rom. word for bison = zâmbru/ zimbru is given as coming from slavic
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> > Which should be the root the slavic word come from?Is zonbru cognate
> > with german Wisent?