Re: [tied] Out of Bharat Theory (OBT)

From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2003-01-17

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> > Just curious -- Has any I.E. (or other for that matter)
etymology for 'Bharat' been suggested?
> One possible source of <bharata-> that suggests itself immediately
is *bHer-eto-s from the root *bHer- (Skt. {bHR-}) 'bear' (also 'hold,
support, maintain, cherish'), cf. the related abstract neuter <bHaras-
> (*bHer-es-) 'bearing, cherishing'. <bharata-> occurs in the Rigveda
as one of Agni's epithets, but most importantly as a tribal (and
royal) name.
> Piotr

Or is it (again) "those guys across the water"?