From: P. Wolfe
Message: 17717
Date: 2003-01-17


My name is Paul Wolfe. I have a keen interest in PIE studies and PIE religion inparticular. I have only become a member of this list a few days ago, but for about a year I have been reading through the archives and have gotten hooked on the notion of PIE religion.

I have noticed that PIE religion and mythology often take a backseat to the linguistic aspects of this study, and I understand why. I will admit to being more interested in the religious aspects of this study to the point where I have created a yahoo group devoted to the study:
I definitely do not want to draw any conversations of religion from this list but if anyone would like and interested ear, they are more than welcome to stop by my selfsihly inspired mail list.

I have also created a very crude attempt at a website here:
With any luck I will be able to get some content up there in the near future.

I will probably remain a lurker here. I have a hard enough time absorbing what is being talked about...I cannot imagine that I could add anything at such an early stage in this study.

Thanks for listening to my ramble

Paul W.