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2100suzmccarth2004-05-01Re: Are these scripts still used?
2101Michael Everson2004-05-07Caslon & Bodoni
2102PaweĊ‚ Maciejewski2004-05-07Old Lisu script
2103Marco Cimarosti2004-05-07"Motherless" abjads?
2104cowan@...2004-05-07Re: "Motherless" abjads?
2105Michael Everson2004-05-07Re: "Motherless" abjads?
2106Peter T. Daniels2004-05-08Re: Caslon & Bodoni
2107Michael Everson2004-05-08Re: Caslon & Bodoni
2108Peter T. Daniels2004-05-08Re: "Motherless" abjads?
2109Nicholas Bodley2004-05-08Schoenhof's Books (Was: Re: Caslon & Bodoni)
2110Robert Wheelock2004-05-08Re: Caslon & Bodoni
2111Robert Wheelock2004-05-08Re: Caslon & Bodoni
2112machhezan2004-05-10Re: "Motherless" abjads?
2113Marco Cimarosti2004-05-10Re: "Motherless" abjads?
2114machhezan2004-05-10Re: "Motherless" abjads?
2115Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: "Motherless" abjads?
2116John Cowan2004-05-10Graphemes defined
2117Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2118John Cowan2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2119Michael Everson2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2120Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2121cowan@...2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2122Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2123cowan@...2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2124Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2125Michael Everson2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2126cowan@...2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2127Michael Everson2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2128cowan@...2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2129cowan@...2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2130Marco Cimarosti2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2131Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2132Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2133Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2134Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2135Molotro2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2136Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2137cowan@...2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2138Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2139Michael Everson2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2140Peter T. Daniels2004-05-10Re: Graphemes defined
2141machhezan2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2142Marco Cimarosti2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2143Marco Cimarosti2004-05-11Re: "Motherless" abjads?
2144Marco Cimarosti2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2145Peter T. Daniels2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2146Peter T. Daniels2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2147Berthold Frommann2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2148Peter T. Daniels2004-05-11Re: "Motherless" abjads?
2149Peter T. Daniels2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2150Molotro2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2151Marco Cimarosti2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2152Nicholas Bodley2004-05-11Content transfer encoding (Was: Re: Graphemes defined)
2153Marco Cimarosti2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2154machhezan2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2155John Jenkins2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2156Nicholas Bodley2004-05-11Seeing Han (CJK) characters in e-mail (Was:Re: Graphemes defined)
2157Marco Cimarosti2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2158Nicholas Bodley2004-05-11CJK in e-mail (Was: Re: Graphemes defined)
2159Berthold Frommann2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2160Marco Cimarosti2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2161John Cowan2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2162Berthold Frommann2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2163Berthold Frommann2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2164Marco Cimarosti2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2165Berthold Frommann2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2166Peter T. Daniels2004-05-11Re: Content transfer encoding (Was: Re: Graphemes defined)
2167Peter T. Daniels2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2168Peter T. Daniels2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2169Peter T. Daniels2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2170Peter T. Daniels2004-05-11Re: Graphemes defined
2171Michael Everson2004-05-11Re: Content transfer encoding (Was: Re: Graphemes defined)
2172machhezan2004-05-12Re: Graphemes defined
2173Peter T. Daniels2004-05-12Re: Content transfer encoding (Was: Re: Graphemes defined)
2174Michael Everson2004-05-12Re: Content transfer encoding (Was: Re: Graphemes defined)
2175Peter T. Daniels2004-05-12Re: Content transfer encoding (Was: Re: Graphemes defined)
2176Marco Cimarosti2004-05-12[OT?] Unicode and Xpress (was RE: Content transfer encoding (Was: R
2177Michael Everson2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress (was RE: Content transfer encoding (Wa
2178Marco Cimarosti2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2179Michael Everson2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2180Molotro2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2181John Jenkins2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2182Molotro2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2183John Hudson2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2184John Hudson2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2185cowan@...2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2186Peter T. Daniels2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2187Lorna_Priest@...2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2188Peter T. Daniels2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2189John Jenkins2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2190cowan@...2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2191Nicholas Bodley2004-05-12Long URIs/URLs (Was: Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress)
2192Peter T. Daniels2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2193Michael Everson2004-05-12Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2194Peter T. Daniels2004-05-13Re: Long URIs/URLs (Was: Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress)
2195Ph. D.2004-05-13Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2196Nicholas Bodley2004-05-13Re: Long URIs/URLs (Was: Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress)
2197Marco Cimarosti2004-05-13Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2198John Hudson2004-05-14Re: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress
2199Doug Ewell2004-05-14Price of John Berry book (was: [OT?] Unicode and Xpress)
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