Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> > Because as you said to me at dinner the other day, you're already
> > having problems when people send you properly-encoded Unicode text.
> But you never did answer the question about how "having Unicode" on my
> computer would facilitate typesetting.

BTW, I have a different but related question for Michael about Macs, Unicode
and typesetting:

Does Quark Xpress support Unicode, and to which degree?

Particularly, I'd like to know is whether and how well recent version of
Xpress can handle:

1) Chinese/Japanese characters;

2) Arabic characters (bidi, contextual shaping, ligatures);

3) Indic characters (contextual ligatures);

4) OpenType fonts.

If these thing are supported at all, do they also work on English versions
of Mac OS, or do they need a localized OS?


_ Marco