Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> Any word for _what_? There may not be a concept there to get

In the Spanish tradition, it's called the 'letters of the (Spanish)
alphabet', which are _a, b, c, ch, d, ..._ (though I think the
definition of the Spanish alphabet has recently been revised to
conform with the international=English standard).

To me, the idea that certain digraphs equal single letters in the
alphabet of a given language seems intuitively very convincing, that
is, I believe that many people would intuitively be convinced by this

Going further than beliefs and intuition, I see that concept
reinforced by transcription from one alphabetic script to another,
where single letters are often transliterated by digraphs.

I don't claim that concept to fit into a mentalist language theory,
I'd only say that it's helpful for people who deal with
transcription. When I talk about letters to an English speaker, that
person won't think of digraphs, but when I talk about digraphs, that
person won't think of single letters. 'Letters and digraphs' might be
a possible label.

j. 'mach' wust