John Hudson <tiro@...> wrote on 05/12/2004 12:25:30 PM:

> John Jenkins wrote:
> > You can also import Unicode text into InDesign. InDesign, however, is

> > really not quite up to it when it comes to doing books.
> I disagree. I typeset this book
> uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1932026010/ref=sr_aps_books_1_1/202-9092151-2482259
> entirely using InDesign (Windows). In fact, it would have been
> incredibly difficult to
> typeset the book in anything but InDesign.

This is very helpful. What about its OpenType capability? I understand
InDesign doesn't use Uniscribe but something proprietary? Can it handle
diacritic positioning, etc? I understood it was weak in the area of latin
OpenType support, or is that fixed in CS?


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