At 19:12 -0400 2004-05-07, Peter T. Daniels wrote:

>You're in New York and you didn't call??

I didn't know you were in New York! I'm still in
New York, till Sunday night. I plan to be in the
NYPL tomorrow working for much of the day before
John Cowan and I and my cousin and some friends
meet for Ethiopian food in the evening. Sunday
will likely be a bookstore day too.

>Today I browsed the typography sections of Coliseum Books on 42nd St.
>bet. Fifth & Sixth (formerly 57th & Bway, for those who were upset when
>it was priced out of its old store) and of Borders at 57th & Park.

I went to Argosy books on 59th Street and got
some really great stuff which I will put into the
Cool Bibliography when I return. Three small
pamphlets on Bantu and click languages (with lots
of unencoded characters). A 1935 Soviet book on
African linguistics, idem. A number of the 1835
Phonotypic newspaper "Wecli Fonetic Jurnal" (I
may have got the title wrong just now as I am in
the Apple Store parasitically making use of their
wireless), and Arthur Christian's 1905 D├ębuts de
l'Imprimerie en France, which is a treasure
beyond price.
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