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7100Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-16Re: [tied] Germanic *fánhan
7101Håkan Lindgren2001-04-16Re: Sarmatian, Alanic, Ossetic
7102petegray2001-04-16Re: [tied] SVO - SOV
7103petegray2001-04-16Re: [tied] SVO - SOV
7104petegray2001-04-16Re: [tied] Re: Cyriaca
7105petegray2001-04-16Re: [tied] SVO - SOV
7106Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-16Re: [tied] Re: Sarmatian, Alanic, Ossetic
7107g-tegle@...2001-04-16Re: [tied] SVO - SOV
7108g-tegle@...2001-04-16Re: [tied] SVO - SOV
7109Glen Gordon2001-04-17I wish some a good easter, and others not so good :)
7110MCLSSAA2@...2001-04-17Re: Germanic *fánhan
7111Anthony Appleyard2001-04-17Writing text in PIE?
7112tgpedersen@...2001-04-17Re: SVO - SOV
7113Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-17Re: [tied] Re: Germanic *fánhan
7114Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-17Re: [tied] Writing text in PIE?
7115MCLSSAA2@...2001-04-17[tied] Re: Germanic *fánhan
7116Anthony Appleyard2001-04-17Re: Writing text in PIE?
7117Julianus2001-04-17Re: [tied] Writing text in PIE?
7118Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-17Re: [tied] Re: Germanic *fánhan
7119Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-17Re: [tied] Re: Writing text in PIE?
7120petegray2001-04-17Re: [tied] SVO-SOV
7121petegray2001-04-17Re: [tied] SVO - SOV
7122Glen Gordon2001-04-17The Tale
7123Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-17Re: [tied] The Tale
7124Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-17Re: [tied] SVO - SOV
7125Glen Gordon2001-04-17The Other Tale
7126Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-17Re: [tied] The Other Tale
7127g-tegle@...2001-04-18Re: [tied] SVO-SOV
7128Rex H. McTyeire2001-04-18Alba in the Scots context?
7129Christopher Gwinn2001-04-18Re: Alba in the Scots context?
7130Steve Woodson2001-04-18Re: [tied] Alba in the Scots context?
7131markodegard@...2001-04-18Re: Alba in the Scots context?
7133Anthony Appleyard2001-04-18Re: Writing text in PIE? (sheep and horses)
7134Alberto Manzoni2001-04-18Re: [tied] Re: Alba in the Scots context?
7135MCLSSAA2@...2001-04-18Re: [tied] The Other Tale
7136MCLSSAA2@...2001-04-18Re: The Other Tale
7137Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-18Re: [tied] Re: Writing text in PIE? (sheep and horses)
7138João S. Lopes Filho2001-04-18Re: [tied] Paris/Alexandros
7139Glen Gordon2001-04-18The Other Tale
7140Glen Gordon2001-04-18Re: [tied] Re: The Other Tale
7141Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-18Re: [tied] The Other Tale
7142MCLSSAA2@...2001-04-18[tied] Re: The Other Tale
7143Glen Gordon2001-04-19The Other Tale
7144markodegard@...2001-04-19The Middle Voice.
7145Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-19Re: [tied] The Other Tale
7146Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-19Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7147Anthony Appleyard2001-04-19Re: The wolf and the lamb (was: The other tale)
7148MCLSSAA2@...2001-04-19where to get PIE vocabulary and grammar? & an erratum
7149Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-19[tied] Re: The wolf and the lamb (was: The other tale)
7150Glen Gordon2001-04-19The wolf and the lamb
7151Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-19Re: [tied] The wolf and the lamb
7152MCLSSAA2@...2001-04-19Re: wolf and lamb :: perfect of verb starting with vowel
7153cybalist@yahoogroups.com2001-04-19New file uploaded to cybalist
7154Glen Gordon2001-04-19The IE "water" word
7155MCLSSAA2@...2001-04-19Re: wolf and lamb :: perfect of verb starting with vowel
7156Glen Gordon2001-04-19Writing text in PIE? (sheep and horses)
7157Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-19Re: [tied] Perfect of verb starting with vowel
7158Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-19Re: [tied] Re: wolf and lamb :: perfect of verb starting with vowel
7159petegray2001-04-19Re: (Hair colouration) Re: [tied] Guanches in the Canary Islands
7160petegray2001-04-19Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7161petegray2001-04-19Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7162petegray2001-04-19Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7163petegray2001-04-19Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7164Glen Gordon2001-04-19Perfect of verb starting with vowel
7165Glen Gordon2001-04-19Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7166markodegard@...2001-04-19Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7167Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-19Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7168João S. Lopes Filho2001-04-20Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7169dvj1uk@...2001-04-20Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7170Andrei Markine2001-04-20Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7171Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-20Odp: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7172Glen Gordon2001-04-20Re: [tied] Re: wolf and lamb :: perfect of verb starting with vowel
7173MCLSSAA2@...2001-04-20PIE grammar queries; PIE dictionary?
7174Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-20Re: [tied] PIE grammar queries; PIE dictionary?
7175tgpedersen@...2001-04-20Re: Backward Etruscan
7176petegray2001-04-20Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7177petegray2001-04-20Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7178petegray2001-04-20Re: [tied] SVO-SOV
7179Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-20Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7180markodegard@...2001-04-21Re: Odp: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7181g-tegle@...2001-04-21Re: Germanic *fánhan
7182Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-21Re: [tied] Re: Germanic *fánhan
7183petegray2001-04-21Re: [tied] Re: wolf and lamb :: perfect of verb starting with vowel
7184petegray2001-04-21Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7185petegray2001-04-21Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7186petegray2001-04-21Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7187Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-21Re: [tied] Water, water everywhere
7188Dan Jones2001-04-22Re: [tied] Digest Number 418
7189Glen Gordon2001-04-22The Other Tale: Translation for Mr Dan Jones :)
7190Glen Gordon2001-04-22The wolf and the lamb
7191Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-22Re: [tied] The wolf and the lamb
7192markodegard@...2001-04-22Black Sea Flood Update.
7193petegray2001-04-22Re: [tied] PIE grammar queries; PIE dictionary?
7194petegray2001-04-22Re: [tied] The Middle Voice.
7195tgpedersen@...2001-04-22PIE allative?
7196Glen Gordon2001-04-23The potentially non-stative nature of *es-?
7197MCLSSAA2@...2001-04-23Re: The potentially non-stative nature of *es-?
7198DEFAYES MICHEL2001-04-23Re: [tied] Re: Backward Etruscan
7199Piotr Gasiorowski2001-04-23Re: [tied] Re: The potentially non-stative nature of *es-?
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