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Date: 2001-04-18

--- In cybalist@..., "Piotr Gasiorowski" <gpiotr@...> wrote:
> "prosecute" -- *h2eg^-e- [xag^e-] (??)
Or, more precisely, "I will lead you to the law because of it", {tWe
2ego:mi ad yewos to:i}? (likeliest not *{yewosm}, as its descendant
"ju:s" is neuter in Latin.)

> "always" -- *h2eju [xaju] (or any locative derived from
> *h2oju/*hjou-)

Greek has "aiwei" and poetic "esaiwen".

> I also wonder if a passive aorist of *gWHen- "kill" (*(e-)gWhn-to)
> would not describe the fate of the Wolf's dad better than a form of
> *mer-.

I agree.

> yu:s, poties usmos, kwones usmos kWe."

{usmo:s}? And is there a word for "shepherd"?; the French original
had "vos bergers" here. I can tell that "vous" is genuine plural here,
as the wolf calls the lamb "tu" elsewhere.

> nu wlkWos kapet warenm, tom apo bheret ma.
> druom bhudhmni tom edet ma.
> [always] tos reiwantes regmnm werenti,
> [want]ent kWe [obtain]ei.

I asked on another group for IE words for "law", and I was told of
{dheti} for decrees and {yewos} for what happens in law courts.

newo: supo akWa:i megHei kWe !esti 2a:we:r toi :: megHei !esti tod
yo:i nu !esti nomn "scuba". (Greek "ne(w)o:" = "I swim")