Re: [tied] Re: Writing text in PIE?

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-04-17

Not a bad job. A few obvious corrections so far:
Verbs: Reduplicated *pi-ph3-e- is a present stem. The preterite should be something like *(e-)pih3-o-m -- and however you decide to translate "polluted", its perfect would be more appropriate here. The preterite of "die" should be something else. If you insist on using the root *mer-, perhaps the sigmatic form *(e-)me(:)r-s-t would do.
Nouns: the nominative of "father" should be *ph2te:r, and the accusative of *ware:n should be *warenm, not "*warnm".
The particle *kWe expresses conjunction rather than sequence ("and then"). I think something like the following would read better: "Having seized the lamb, the wolf took him away; in the bottom of the forest then (he) ate him".
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From: Anthony Appleyard
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I'll have a go, then. English in square brackets is where my PIE
vocabulary has given out. I welcome all suggestions and comments. I
have likely made many errors.

  The laryngeals are represented by ! 2 3. You is sing., y'all is pl.
> A lamb was playing in a stream.
  ware:n !e[play]et sreumni
> A wolf said to the lamb:
  wlkWos !ewekWet warnei
> "You have muddied my drink. I will prosecute you for that.".
  'e[pollute]es aqwa:m ya:m 'epip3om. [prosecute]o:mi te to:i
> The lamb said "But I was well downstream from you".
  ware:n !ewekWet: !e!esm !su supo tebHei
> The wolf said
  wlkWos !ewekWet
> "But you have muddied it.
  'e[pollute]es tod.
> And my father died because of you".
  !mos kWe p2tr !emorjet [from, through] tebHei
> The lamb said "How can I be responsible for something that happened
> before I was born?".
> The wolf said "If it wasn't you, it was one of your people.
> Y'all have scarcely spared me,
> y'all, y'all's shepherds, and y'all's dogs.".
> And the wolf seized the lamb and took him away,
  wlkWos kWe !e[seize]et warnm !ap!ebheret kWe tom.
> and in the bottom of the forest ate him.
> The rich always turn the law to get what they want.