Re: [tied] The Tale

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 7123
Date: 2001-04-17

Sure, *h3owis (*xWowis) as well as *h2ne:r (*xne:r) and *h1esti (*?esti, *hesti or whatever), etc. It isn't exactly my dialect of PIE either. Lehmann and Zgusta simply wanted to make Schleicher's fable look less out of date, but I don't believe they took that exercise in dead earnest themselves.
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From: Glen Gordon
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2001 8:02 PM
Subject: [tied] The Tale

About that tale, shouldn't it be more like this?...

  XWawis ekwo:s kWe

  GWere:i xWawis, wlxnax ne est kWe, ekwons speket, oinom ghe
  gWrum woghom weghontm, oinom kWe megxam bhorom, oinom kWe
  ghmenm o:ku bherontm.

  Nu xWawis ekwobhyos wekWet, "Ke:r aghnutoi moi ekWons agontm
  nerm widentei."

  E ekwo:s wekWont, "Kludhi, owei, ke:r ghe aghnutoi nsmei
  widntbhyos -- ne:r, potis, owio:m wlxnaxm sebhi ghWermom
  westrom kWrneuti. Ne-ghi owio:m wlxnax esti."

  Tot kekluwo:s, owis agrom ebhuget.

Just curiosity. Gee, one might even be tempted to do a Mid IE version but
unfortunately words like *ekwos or *wlkWos are strictly late IE words it
would seem ;( Hmmm... "XWewi-se [horse]-es kWe"...

- gLeN