Re: [tied] PIE grammar queries; PIE dictionary?

From: petegray
Message: 7193
Date: 2001-04-22

>One problem with many inventories of IE "words" is that only bare roots are
>listed, without any useful information concerning the attested derived
words >and the way they should be inflected. One should list individual
well->documented stems and all irregular forms. Thus, for verbs: *leikW-e-,
>*linekW-, aor. *likW-e-, perf. *le-loip-/*le-lip-.

Rix' "Lexicon der Indogermanischen Verben" does precisely that.

For *leikw he lists (giving his entry in brief):
aorist: leikw / likw [ved, arm, gr, lat]
present: li-ne/n-kw [ved, jav, ?arm ?grk lat old-ir]
perfect: le-loikw / likw [ved gr, goth, old-pr]
causative-iterative: ?loikw-eye [?ved jav, an, lith]
desiderative: ?leikw / likw -s [gr]
New Formations:
-e- present: [gr goth]
-ye present [ved]
-s- aorist [jav optative]
fientive [gr]