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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-04-17

A few loose ideas:
"prosecute" -- *h2eg^-e- [xag^e-] (??)
"always" -- *h2eju [xaju] (or any locative derived from *h2oju/*hjou-)
"want" -- *wel-e-
"obtain, get, take" -- nem-e-
I also wonder if a passive aorist of *gWHen- "kill" (*(e-)gWhn-to) would not describe the fate of the Wolf's dad better than a form of *mer-.
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Subject: [tied] The Other Tale

>Not a bad job. A few obvious corrections so far:

Hey, y'know, boys and girls, this is a great way to better get
familiar with PIE grammar and the problems therein. Hmmm, I think
I will shameless try my hand at that other fable to see if we
can't fill in some blanks. Like, couldn't we use something like *sel- "jump"
for "play" or *nokW- "darken" for "to pollute"?

    warenm selet sreumni
    wlkWos warenei wekWet,
      "wodr nokWta pixWom kWem. tWe [prosecute]o:mi to:i."
    ware:n wekWet, "esm @su supo tebhei."
    wlkWos wekWet, "tot nokWta. pxte:r mos merst tebhei ma."
    nu ware:n wekWet: "kWo: proi genmn mos kWe
      bheut kWesyo potis eso:m?"
    wlkWos wekWet: Ne tu: esiet, oinom tuos est.
      [scarcely] me [spared]te,
      yu:s, poties usmos, kwones usmos kWe."
    nu wlkWos kapet warenm, tom apo bheret ma.
    druom bhudhmni tom edet ma.
    [always] tos reiwantes regmnm werenti,
      [want]ent kWe [obtain]ei.

If I made strange and unforgivable mistakes... don't ask, just for god's
sakes help me :)

- gLeN

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