Re: Alba in the Scots context?

From: Christopher Gwinn
Message: 7129
Date: 2001-04-18

Gaelic Albu (along with the Albion of Classical sources) comes from
Brittonic *Albiion "World/The Earth" (borrowed before Brittonic
*Albiion became Archaic Welsh *Albid, later developing into Welsh
elfydd "world"). The root *Albiio- is also seen in the Gaulish divine
name [Mars] Albiorix "World King".
The origin of the word is PIE *albh- "white/clear" having a suffixed
form *albh-yo with a semantic shift in Celtic to "that which is
visible/apparent", making *Albiion "The Visible [World]" (as opposed
to the "unseen" world of *Andubnos "underworld/Hell" - Gaulish
Antumnos, Welsh Annwfn).
Gaelic Albu had a variant form Alpu which was sometimes confused with
Alpae, borrowed from Latin (ultimately Gaulish) Alpes (mountains).

- Chris Gwinn