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Date: 2001-04-19

Another suggestion: *solh1-je- for "muddy, make dirty". If you decide to leave *nekWt- "darken(?)", the hypothetical 2sg. perfect would be *ne-nokWt-th2e (phonetically [-kW(t)st-]. BTW, I think the "lamb" word was more precisely *wre:n, with a syllabic ("Lindemannian") treatment of /r/ (something like [wrre:n]). "They want" should be *welonti or the like. The past tense of *wekW- seems to have been reduplicated (*we-wkW-et = *weukWet).
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Herewith uppdated according to variopus members' later ideas.
The laryngeals are represented by ! 2 3. You is sing., y'all is pl.

- A lamb was jumping in a stream.
ware:n !eselet sreumni
- A wolf said to the lamb:
wlkWos warenei !ewekWet ::
- "You have muddied my drink. I will prosecute you for that.".
"wodr nenokWta yod !epi3om. tWe 2ego:mi ad yewos to:i."
// {kWem} was suggested as "which" here, but I thought that originally
// {kW-} was only interrogative and indefinite and that relative was {yo-}.
- The lamb said "But I was well downstream from you".
ware:n wekWet, "!esm !su supo tebhei."
- The wolf said, "But you have muddied it. And my father died because of you".
wlkWos wekWet, "tod nenokWta. p2te:r mos !egWhnto tebhei ma."
- The lamb said "How can I be responsible for something that happened
- before I was born?".
nu ware:n !ewekWet: "kWo:i !eso:m potis kWesyo proi genmni moi !ebheut?"
// "For what I am to be the master of something that was before my birth?"
- The wolf said "If it wasn't you, it was one of your people.
wlkWos wekWet: Ne tu !esye:t, oinos tuo:m [gen.pl] !e!est.
- Y'all have scarcely spared me,
// try: "Y'all have left little with/to me"?
lelikWte min-[ending?] megHei.
- y'all, y'all's shepherds, and y'all's dogs.".
yu:s, poties kWe usmo:s, kwones kWe usmo:s."
- And the wolf seized the lamb and took him away,
nu wlkWos !ekapet warenm, tom apo !ebheret ma.
- and in the bottom of the forest ate him.
druo:m bhudhmni tom !e!edst ma.
// Latin, and the early Greek infinitive `edmenai', seem to say that IE {ed-}
// = "eat" was athematic. When IE grammar brought two dentals together, they
// seem to have been exploded separately, and a glide `s' developed between.
- The rich always turn the law to get what they want.
2aywei to:s reiwantes regmn werenti, yod welnti kapyonti.

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