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500Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-08Re: Salt Licks
501Brent Lords1999-12-09Re: Piotr: Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
502Mark Odegard1999-12-09Re: Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
503Brent Lords1999-12-09Re: Philistine revisited
504Mark Odegard1999-12-09Re: Deep Dates.
505Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-09Re: Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE
506Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-09Re: Odp: Piotr: Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
507Brent Lords1999-12-09Re: Piotr : Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
508Brent Lords1999-12-09Re Sabine - Web site on Minoan / Mycenaen Artifacts
509Socecon@...1999-12-09List of IE articles
510Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-09Re: Piotr : Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
511Brent Lords1999-12-09Re: Piotr : Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
512Ivanovas/Milatos1999-12-09Tell el Dab'a - latest finds
513Stephanie Budin1999-12-09Re: The Solar Goddess.
514Herb Anderson1999-12-09Origins
515Tommy Tyrberg1999-12-09SV: Tell el Dab'a - latest finds
516Tommy Tyrberg1999-12-09Re: SV: Piotr: Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
517Ivanovas/Milatos1999-12-09Re: Philistine revisited
518Ivanovas/Milatos1999-12-09Re: Re Sabine - Web site on Minoan / Mycenaen Artifacts
519Ivanovas/Milatos1999-12-09Re: The Solar Goddess.
520Brent Lords1999-12-09Re Latest finds at Tell el Daba
521Brent Lords1999-12-09Re: Ty: Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
522Tommy Tyrberg1999-12-09Re: SV: Ty: Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
523Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-09Re: Odp: SV: Piotr: Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
524Gwydionash@...1999-12-10PIE *triplos and *tripleks
525Brent Lords1999-12-10RE : Piotr - Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE
526Brent Lords1999-12-10Re: Piotr : Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
527Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-10Re: Piotr-Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE
528Brent Lords1999-12-10Re: Appology to the Group
529Alexander Stolbov1999-12-10Re: The Solar Goddess.
530Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-10Re: PIE *triplos and *tripleks
531Ivanovas/Milatos1999-12-10Re: Philistine revisited
532Stephanie Budin1999-12-10Re: The Solar Goddess.
533Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-10Re: The Solar Goddess.
534Ivanovas/Milatos1999-12-10Goliath's hometown URS
535Mark Odegard1999-12-10The Earth Goddess.
536Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-10Re: Odp: Philistine revisited
537Socecon@...1999-12-10Re: Piotr : Goliath and Uriah the Hittite as IE -
538Ivanovas/Milatos1999-12-11Re: The Earth Goddess.
539Ivanovas/Milatos1999-12-11Re: Odp: Philistine revisited
540Mark Odegard1999-12-11Re: The Earth Goddess.
541Mark Odegard1999-12-11Mars and Sabine Nerio.
542Mark Odegard1999-12-11Erinys.
543Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-11Re: Odp: The Earth Goddess.
544Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-11Odp: Mars and Sabine Nerio.
545Mark Odegard1999-12-11Graeco-Armeno-Phrygo-Thraco-Macedonian
546Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-12Odp: Graeco-Armeno-Phrygo-Thraco-Macedonian
547Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-12Odp: Erinys.
548Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-12Odp: Graeco-Armeno-Phrygo-Thraco-Macedonian
549Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-12Re: voting results
550Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-12Re: Odp: voting results
551Ivanovas/Milatos1999-12-12Re: Odp: The Earth Goddess.
552Ivanovas/Milatos1999-12-12Old European
553Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-12Re: Graeco-Armeno-Phrygo-Thraco-Macedonian
556Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-13Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
557Adrian1999-12-13Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
558Adrian1999-12-13re origins
559Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-13Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
560Brent Lords1999-12-13Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
561JoatSimeon@...1999-12-13Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
562Adrian1999-12-13Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
563Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-13Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
564Brent Lords1999-12-13Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
565JoatSimeon@...1999-12-13Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
566JoatSimeon@...1999-12-13Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
567Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-14Re: Odp: joatsimeo-Loan Words
568Adrian1999-12-14Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
569Brent Lords1999-12-14Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
570Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-14Re: Odp: joatsimeo-Loan Words
571JoatSimeon@...1999-12-15Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
572JoatSimeon@...1999-12-15Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
573JoatSimeon@...1999-12-15Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
574Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-15Re: Odp: joatsimeo-Loan Words
575Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-15Re: Odp: joatsimeo-Loan Words
576JoatSimeon@...1999-12-15Re: Odp: joatsimeo-Loan Words
577Adrian1999-12-15Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
578Alexander Stolbov1999-12-15Re: Odp: voting results
579Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-15Re: Odp: joatsimeo-Loan Words
580Brent Lords1999-12-15Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
581Brent Lords1999-12-15Re-joatsimeo-Loan Words
582Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-15Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
583Tommy Tyrberg1999-12-15Re: SV: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
584JoatSimeon@...1999-12-15Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
585JoatSimeon@...1999-12-15Re: Odp: joatsimeo-Loan Words
586JoatSimeon@...1999-12-15Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
587JoatSimeon@...1999-12-15Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
588Adrian1999-12-15Re: SV: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
589JoatSimeon@...1999-12-16Re: SV: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
590Gerry Reinhart-Waller1999-12-16Re: Odp: voting results
591Brent Lords1999-12-16Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
592JoatSimeon@...1999-12-16Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
593Piotr Gasiorowski1999-12-16Re: Odp: joatsimeo-Loan Words
594JoatSimeon@...1999-12-16Re: Odp: joatsimeo-Loan Words
595JoatSimeon@...1999-12-16Re: Odp: joatsimeo-Loan Words
596Adrian1999-12-16Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
597Adrian1999-12-16Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
598Adrian1999-12-16Re: SV: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
599Adrian1999-12-16Re: joatsimeo-Loan Words
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