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46600Cuadrado2006-11-23Etymology from the Dniestr river
46601Andrew Jarrette2006-11-23Revisiting the thematic aorist
46602Aigius2006-11-24Re: Latvian uzka:pšana
46603mkelkar20032006-11-24An International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Semantics
46604mkelkar20032006-11-24Trends in Linguistics, Studies and Monographs
46605alexandru_mg32006-11-24Re: Latvian uzka:pšana
46606raonath2006-11-24Re: Revisiting the thematic aorist
46607Aigius2006-11-24Re: Latvian uzka:pšana
46608alexandru_mg32006-11-24Re: Latvian uzka:pšana
46609Piotr Gasiorowski2006-11-24Re: [tied] Revisiting the thematic aorist
46610Piotr Gasiorowski2006-11-25Re: [tied] Revisiting the thematic aorist
46611Cuadrado2006-11-26Catalan Bruixa = witch
46612Joao S. Lopes2006-11-27Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46613Andrew Jarrette2006-11-27Re: [tied] Revisiting the thematic aorist
46614Max Dashu2006-11-27Re: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46615Daniel J. Milton2006-11-27Re: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46616tonsls2006-11-27Re: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46617Max Dashu2006-11-27Re: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46618Joao S. Lopes2006-11-28Res: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46619Clayton Cardoso2006-11-28Catalan Bruixa = witch
46620Aigius2006-11-28Re: Latvian uzka:pšana
46621Joao S. Lopes2006-11-28Res: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46622Daniel J. Milton2006-11-28Re: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46623Brian M. Scott2006-11-28Re[2]: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46624Daniel J. Milton2006-11-29Re: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46625clayton_rc2006-11-29Catalan Bruixa = witch
46626tonsls2006-11-29Re: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46627clayton_rc2006-11-30Re: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46628Daniel J. Milton2006-11-30Re: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46629clayton_rc2006-11-30Re: Res: [tied] Catalan Bruixa = witch
46630cybalist@yahoogroups.com2006-12-01File - Rules.txt
46631mkelkar20032006-12-03Future of Grimm's law.pdf
46632tgpedersen2006-12-04Centum/satem present as allophones in PIE?
46633P&G2006-12-04Re: [tied] Future of Grimm's law.pdf
46634Richard Wordingham2006-12-04Re: Future of Grimm's law.pdf
46635Richard Wordingham2006-12-04Re: [tied] Future of Grimm's law.pdf
46636P&G2006-12-05Re: [tied] Future of Grimm's law.pdf
46637C. Darwin Goranson2006-12-06Anthropomorphism in Proto-Indo-European
46638vishalsagarwal2006-12-06Vedic Ritual texts and Aryan Migrations
46639vishalsagarwal2006-12-06Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46640tgpedersen2006-12-07Athematic PIE 2sg imperative
46641Francesco Brighenti2006-12-07Re: Anthropomorphism in Proto-Indo-European
46642C. Darwin Goranson2006-12-08Re: Anthropomorphism in Proto-Indo-European
46643alexandru_mg32006-12-09Re: Athematic PIE 2sg imperative
46644alexandru_mg32006-12-09Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46645george knysh2006-12-09Re: [tied] Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46646alexandru_mg32006-12-09HUNGARIAN ARANJOS GOLD
46647crismoc@...2006-12-09Re: [tied] HUNGARIAN ARANJOS GOLD
46648tgpedersen2006-12-09Re: Athematic PIE 2sg imperative
46649alexandru_mg32006-12-09Re: Athematic PIE 2sg imperative
46650tgpedersen2006-12-09Re: Athematic PIE 2sg imperative
46651tolgs0012006-12-09Re: Hungarian "gold"
46652mkelkar20032006-12-09Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46653Brian M. Scott2006-12-09Re: [tied] Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46654tgpedersen2006-12-10Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46656Francesco Brighenti2006-12-10Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46657Juha Savolainen2006-12-11On using contemporary genetic data to trace ancient migrations
46658C. Darwin Goranson2006-12-11Not fully on topic, but if you think how it could apply to PIE myth
46659Daniel J. Milton2006-12-11Re: Not fully on topic, but if you think how it could apply to PIE
46660mkelkar20032006-12-11Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46661mkelkar20032006-12-11[tied] Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46662mkelkar20032006-12-11Re: On using contemporary genetic data to trace ancient migrations
46663Brian M. Scott2006-12-12Re: [tied] Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46664Brian M. Scott2006-12-12Re: [tied] Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46665alexandru_mg32006-12-12Re: Hungarian "gold"
46666Clayton Cardoso2006-12-13Proto-Tsimshian
46667vishalsagarwal2006-12-13Recent papers on Indian Archaeology
46668Petr Hrubis2006-12-13Just for fun...:-) The Out-of-Turkish "hypothesis"
46669tolgs0012006-12-13Re: Hungarian "gold"
46670tolgs0012006-12-13Re: Hungarian "gold"
46671C. Darwin Goranson2006-12-13Re: Proto-Tsimshian
46672A.2006-12-14Names of Slavic deities
46674tgpedersen2006-12-14Re: Standing, correction
46675C. Darwin Goranson2006-12-14Re: Proto-Tsimshian
46676alexandru_mg32006-12-14Re: Hungarian "gold"
46677alexandru_mg32006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46678alexandru_mg32006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46679alexandru_mg32006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46680alexandru_mg32006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46681tolgs0012006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46682alexandru_mg32006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46683tolgs0012006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46684tolgs0012006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46685tolgs0012006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46686tolgs0012006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46687alexandru_mg32006-12-15Re: Hungarian "gold"
46688Brian M. Scott2006-12-15Re: [tied] Re: Hungarian "gold"
46689tgpedersen2006-12-15Ablaut, hi-conjugation, stress alternation, etc
46690tgpedersen2006-12-15Re: Ablaut, hi-conjugation, stress alternation, etc
46691alexandru_mg32006-12-16[tied] Re: Hungarian "gold"
46692Richard Wordingham2006-12-16Re: Proto-Tsimshian
46693Patrick Ryan2006-12-16Re: [tied] Re: Proto-Tsimshian
46694tgpedersen2006-12-16Re: Question related to the Greek k-perfect
46695tgpedersen2006-12-16[tied] Re: Genetic Studies and Aryan Migrations
46696Francesco Brighenti2006-12-16PIE *h1eish2-: 'mad attack'?
46697Piotr Gasiorowski2006-12-16Re: [tied] Re: Proto-Tsimshian
46698Abdullah Konushevci2006-12-16Re: PIE *h1eish2-: 'mad attack'?
46699Abdullah Konushevci2006-12-16Re: PIE *h1eish2-: 'mad attack'?
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