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41500Brian M. Scott2005-10-21Re: [tied] Re: Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41501Joao S. Lopes2005-10-21Re: [tied] The standard IEL tree structure may need reconsideration.
41502Piotr Gasiorowski2005-10-21Re: [tied] Re: Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41503mkelkar20032005-10-21Re: [tied] The standard IEL tree structure may need reconsideration.
41504Miguel Carrasquer2005-10-21Re: [tied] Kerl, ceorl
41505Miguel Carrasquer2005-10-21Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41506alex2005-10-21Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41507glen gordon2005-10-21Re: [tied] Re: New file uploaded to cybalist
41508Abdullah Konushevci2005-10-22Re: [tied] Re: *H2kous- ‘to hear, feel’
41509Joao S. Lopes2005-10-22Re: [tied] Kerl, ceorl
41510Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2005-10-22Re: *H2kous- ‘to hear, feel’
41511tgpedersen2005-10-22PIE *gW > Germanic *p
41512tgpedersen2005-10-22Re: [tied] Kerl, ceorl
41513tgpedersen2005-10-22PIE alternating stems
41515tgpedersen2005-10-22Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41516tgpedersen2005-10-22[tied] Re: Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41517tgpedersen2005-10-22[tied] Re: Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41518Daniel J. Milton2005-10-22Russian -tsvo
41519Abdullah Konushevci2005-10-22Re: [tied] Re: *H2kous- ‘to hear, feel’
41520Abdullah Konushevci2005-10-22[tied] Re: *H2kous- ‘to hear, feel’
41521mkelkar20032005-10-22[tied] Re: New file uploaded to cybalist
41522Brian M. Scott2005-10-22Re[2]: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41523george knysh2005-10-22Re: [tied] Jastorf
41524george knysh2005-10-22Re: [tied] Jastorf
41525etherman232005-10-22Re: PIE *gW > Germanic *p
41526Francesco Brighenti2005-10-22Alinei's "lexical self-dating principle" [Was: New file uploaded to
41527Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-23Re: [tied] Russian -tsvo
41528Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-23Re: [tied] Anatolian
41529glen gordon2005-10-23Re: [tied] Anatolian
41530mkelkar20032005-10-23Re: [tied] Anatolian
41531mkelkar20032005-10-23Re: [tied] Anatolian
41532Brian M. Scott2005-10-23Re[2]: [tied] Anatolian
41533glen gordon2005-10-23Re: [tied] Anatolian
41534mkelkar20032005-10-23Re: Anatolian
41535Brian M. Scott2005-10-23Re: [tied] Re: Anatolian
41536glen gordon2005-10-23Re: [tied] Re: Anatolian
41537Abdullah Konushevci2005-10-23Re: [tied] Re: *H2kous- ‘to hear, feel’
41538mkelkar20032005-10-23[tied] Re: Anatolian
41539glen gordon2005-10-23Re: [tied] Re: Anatolian
41540Piotr Gasiorowski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Kerl, ceorl
41541tgpedersen2005-10-24Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41542Sergejus Tarasovas2005-10-24Re: [tied] Kerl, ceorl
41543tgpedersen2005-10-24Re: [tied] Jastorf
41544tgpedersen2005-10-24Re: [tied] Jastorf
41545tgpedersen2005-10-24Re: PIE *gW > Germanic *p
41546Piotr Gasiorowski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Re: Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41547Piotr Gasiorowski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Kerl, ceorl
41548Piotr Gasiorowski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41549Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41550george knysh2005-10-24Re: [tied] Jastorf
41551george knysh2005-10-24Re: [tied] Jastorf
41552Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41553Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41554A.2005-10-24Vedic Rta... one last time
41555Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24PIE homeland [was: Anatolian]
41556Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41557Daniel J. Milton2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41558Piotr Gasiorowski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41559Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41560Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Polish sibilants [was: Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?]
41561Brian M. Scott2005-10-24Re[2]: [tied] Anatolian
41562Mate Kapovic2005-10-24Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41563Miguel Carrasquer2005-10-24Re: [tied] Polish sibilants [was: Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/,
41564Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Re: Re[2]: [tied] Anatolian
41565Miguel Carrasquer2005-10-24Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41566glen gordon2005-10-24Re: [tied] PIE homeland [was: Anatolian]
41567glen gordon2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41568glen gordon2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41569Miguel Carrasquer2005-10-24Re: [tied] Polish sibilants [was: Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/,
41570Daniel J. Milton2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41571Miguel Carrasquer2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41572Brian M. Scott2005-10-24Re[4]: [tied] Anatolian
41573glen gordon2005-10-24Re: Re[4]: [tied] Anatolian
41574george knysh2005-10-24Re: Re[4]: [tied] Anatolian
41575mkelkar20032005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41576Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41577Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Re: [tied] PIE homeland [was: Anatolian]
41578Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41579Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-24Re: [tied] Anatolian
41580Miguel Carrasquer2005-10-24Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41581george knysh2005-10-24Re: [tied] PIE homeland [was: Anatolian]
41582Brian M. Scott2005-10-25Re[2]: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41583Koryakov Yuri2005-10-25Re: Anatolian
41584Brian M. Scott2005-10-25Re[6]: [tied] Anatolian
41585A.2005-10-25Re: Sanskrit Rta... and related terms
41586mkelkar20032005-10-25Re: [tied] Anatolian
41587george knysh2005-10-25Re: Re[6]: [tied] Anatolian
41588Brian M. Scott2005-10-25Re[8]: [tied] Anatolian
41589Daniel J. Milton2005-10-25Re: [tied] Anatolian
41590david_russell_watson2005-10-25Re: Sanskrit Rta... and related terms
41591Michael Smith2005-10-25Ligurian and Lusitanian
41592Piotr Gasiorowski2005-10-25Re: [tied] Vedic Rta... one last time
41593Piotr Gasiorowski2005-10-25Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41594tgpedersen2005-10-25Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41595tgpedersen2005-10-25[tied] Re: Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41596Miguel Carrasquer2005-10-25Re: [tied] Re: Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41597Mate Kapovic2005-10-25Re: [tied] Slavic palatalistions: why /c^/, /c/?
41598ehlsmith2005-10-25Re: [tied] Anatolian
41599mkelkar20032005-10-25Re: [tied] Anatolian
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