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26200Patrick C. Ryan2003-10-02Re: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26201Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-10-02Re: [tied] Timing of ablaut
26202m_iacomi2003-10-02[tied] Re: derivation rules from later latin to romanian
26203alex2003-10-02Re: [tied] Re: derivation rules from later latin to romanian
26205Brian M. Scott2003-10-02Re: [tied] celtic
26206g2003-10-02Re: derivation rules from later latin to romanian
26207alex2003-10-02Re: [tied] Re: derivation rules from later latin to romanian
26208Richard Wordingham2003-10-02Re: derivation rules from later latin to romanian
26209alexandru_mg32003-10-02Derivation Rules from Old Slavic to Romanian
26210merbakos2003-10-02[tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26211merbakos2003-10-02"Race," Politics
26212merbakos2003-10-02Pearson Question
26213Jim Rader2003-10-02Re: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26214Piotr Gasiorowski2003-10-02Re: Pearson Question
26215Richard Wordingham2003-10-03Re: Pearson Question
26216Miguel Carrasquer2003-10-03PIE genitive
26217alex2003-10-03Re: [tied] Re: derivation rules from later latin to romanian
26218Fritz Saxl2003-10-03über Roger Pearson
26219Piotr Gasiorowski2003-10-03Re: Pearson Question
26220Piotr Gasiorowski2003-10-03Re: celtic
26221m_iacomi2003-10-03[tied] Re: derivation rules from later latin to romanian
26222alex2003-10-03Re: [tied] Re: celtic
26223alex2003-10-03Re: [tied] Re: derivation rules from later latin to romanian
26224guto rhys2003-10-03Re: [tied] Re: celtic
26225João Simões Lopes Filho2003-10-03Re: [tied] Re: celtic
26226m_iacomi2003-10-03[tied] Re: derivation rules from later latin to romanian
26227m_iacomi2003-10-03Re: Derivation Rules from Old Slavic to Romanian
26228Piotr Gasiorowski2003-10-03Re: [tied] Re: celtic
26229Rob2003-10-03Latin 'twenty'
26230segijus2003-10-03Re: inscriptions
26231G.R.2003-10-03Re: [tied] Celtic language remnants in Western Turkey
26232Glen Gordon2003-10-03Re: [tied] Brugmann's Law
26233Glen Gordon2003-10-03Re: [tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26234Glen Gordon2003-10-04Re: [tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26235wtsdv2003-10-04Re: The indo european "race"
26236Piotr Gasiorowski2003-10-04Re: [tied] Re: celtic
26237Piotr Gasiorowski2003-10-04Re: [tied] Latin 'twenty'
26238Miguel Carrasquer2003-10-04Re: [tied] Latin 'twenty'
26239wtsdv2003-10-04Re: [tied] Celtic language remnants in Western Turkey
26240P&G2003-10-04Re: [tied] Timing of ablaut
26241Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-10-04Re: [tied] Timing of ablaut
26242Miguel Carrasquer2003-10-04Re: [tied] Timing of ablaut
26243Richard Wordingham2003-10-04[tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26244wtsdv2003-10-04Re: Timing of ablaut
26245Davius Sanctex2003-10-04five and four [was: celtic]
26246Richard Wordingham2003-10-04Re: [tied] Celtic language remnants in Western Turkey
26247elmeras20002003-10-04Re: Timing of ablaut
26248Miguel Carrasquer2003-10-04Re: [tied] five and four [was: celtic]
26249alex2003-10-05Albanian, pronouns,plural
26250P&G2003-10-05Re: [tied] Timing of ablaut
26251P&G2003-10-05Re: [tied] Timing of ablaut
26252Miguel Carrasquer2003-10-05Re: [tied] Timing of ablaut
26253elmeras20002003-10-05Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26254alex2003-10-05Re: [tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26255siglo_20th_century2003-10-05[tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26256siglo_20th_century2003-10-05[tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26257Piotr Gasiorowski2003-10-05Re: [tied] five and four [was: celtic]
26258Piotr Gasiorowski2003-10-05Re: [tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26259alex2003-10-05Re: [tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26260elmeras20002003-10-05[tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26261Miguel Carrasquer2003-10-05Re: [tied] five and four [was: celtic]
26262Miguel Carrasquer2003-10-05Re: [tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26263Abdullah Konushevci2003-10-06[tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26265tgpedersen2003-10-06Re: [tied] Latin 'twenty'
26266alex2003-10-06Re: [tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26267Fritz Saxl2003-10-06bhratr
26268Piotr Gasiorowski2003-10-06Re: [tied] bhratr
26269Anthony Appleyard2003-10-07Re: [tied] Latin 'twenty'
26270alex2003-10-07Re: [tied] Latin 'twenty'
26271Abdullah Konushevci2003-10-07[tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26272alex2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26273Abdullah Konushevci2003-10-07Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26274Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26275Miguel Carrasquer2003-10-07Re: [tied] bhratr
26276alex2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural
26277Glen Gordon2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26278Glen Gordon2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26279Glen Gordon2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26280Glen Gordon2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26281Glen Gordon2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26282alex2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26283johnshocky2003-10-07Re: bhratr
26284Piotr Gasiorowski2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: bhratr
26285merbakos2003-10-07[tied] Re: bhratr
26286Juha Savolainen2003-10-07Re: [tied] Re: The indo european "race"
26287merbakos2003-10-08New Group for Minoan and Mycenean Studies
26288tgpedersen2003-10-08Re: Latin 'twenty'
26289Patrick C. Ryan2003-10-08Re: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26290Miguel Carrasquer2003-10-09Re: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26291ehlsmith2003-10-09Re: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26292Patrick C. Ryan2003-10-09Re: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26293Patrick C. Ryan2003-10-09Re: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26294Brian M. Scott2003-10-09Re[2]: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26295Brian M. Scott2003-10-09Re[2]: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26296Brian M. Scott2003-10-09Re[2]: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26297Miguel Carrasquer2003-10-09Re: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26298ehlsmith2003-10-09Re: [tied] Glen, regarding...
26299João Simões Lopes Filho2003-10-09Re: Re[2]: [tied] Glen, regarding...
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