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19700george knysh2003-03-11Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19701alex_lycos2003-03-11Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19702george knysh2003-03-11Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19703Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-11Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19704george knysh2003-03-11Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19705Daniel J. Milton2003-03-11Re: Gulf of Khambat Cultural Complex: New finds at Hatab
19706P&G2003-03-11Re: [tied] ] Hellenic and Thracian
19707alex_lycos2003-03-11Yaziges & Roxolanes
19708george knysh2003-03-11Re: [tied] Yaziges & Roxolanes
19709alex_lycos2003-03-11Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19710Jo�o Sim�es Lopes Filho2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Celts/Gauls
19712Michael J Smith2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19713S.Kalyanaraman2003-03-12Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19714Michael J Smith2003-03-12Re: [tied] ] Hellenic and Thracian
19715Michael J Smith2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Celts/Gauls
19716Michael J Smith2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Fw: Celts
19717Michael J Smith2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Celts/Gauls
19718Michael J Smith2003-03-12Re: Celtic or Germanic?
19719Michael J Smith2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19720Daniel J. Milton2003-03-12Re: Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19721S.Kalyanaraman2003-03-12Re: Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19722Michael J Smith2003-03-12Nerthus, Mannus, Tuisto and Semnones
19723Michael J Smith2003-03-12Italo-Celtic
19724Brian M. Scott2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19725george knysh2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19726Michael J Smith2003-03-12Gaulish letters
19727Michael J Smith2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19728tgpedersen2003-03-12Re: Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19729tgpedersen2003-03-12[tied] Re: Celts/Gauls
19730tgpedersen2003-03-12[tied] Re: Fw: Celts
19731tgpedersen2003-03-12Re: Celtic or Germanic?
19732tgpedersen2003-03-12[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19733Pavel Adamek2003-03-12The Sheep and the Horses
19734george knysh2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19735tgpedersen2003-03-12[tied] Re: Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19736Daniel J. Milton2003-03-12Re: Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19737tgpedersen2003-03-12Re: Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19738Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19739tgpedersen2003-03-12Re: Germanic Scythians?
19740Brian M. Scott2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19741Brian M. Scott2003-03-12Re: [tied] Nerthus, Mannus, Tuisto and Semnones
19743alex_lycos2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Celts/Gauls
19744alex_lycos2003-03-12Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19745altamix2003-03-12Re: Lucifer
19746Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-12Re: [tied] Lucifer
19747S.Kalyanaraman2003-03-13Re: Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19749Gerry2003-03-13Re: Lucifer
19750Gerry2003-03-13Re: [tied] Lucifer
19751Glen Gordon2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19752Daniel J. Milton2003-03-13Re: [tied] Lucifer
19753Glen Gordon2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19754Glen Gordon2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19756Glen Gordon2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19757Geraldine Reinhardt2003-03-13Re: [tied] Lucifer
19758Brian M. Scott2003-03-13Re[2]: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19759Brian M. Scott2003-03-13Re[2]: [tied] Lucifer
19760Geraldine Reinhardt2003-03-13Re: Re[2]: [tied] Lucifer
19761Brian M. Scott2003-03-13Re[4]: [tied] Lucifer
19762Brian M. Scott2003-03-13Re[5]: [tied] Lucifer
19763Geraldine Reinhardt2003-03-13Re: Re[4]: [tied] Lucifer
19764Geraldine Reinhardt2003-03-13Re: Re[5]: [tied] Lucifer
19765Brian M. Scott2003-03-13Re[7]: [tied] Lucifer
19766Brian M. Scott2003-03-13Re[6]: [tied] Lucifer
19767Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-13Re: [tied] Lucifer
19768Håkan Lindgren2003-03-13Agamemnon?
19769Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-13Re: [tied] Flood
19770Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-13Re: [tied] Agamemnon?
19771Michael J Smith2003-03-13Re: [tied] Troj ( it was ancient sources)
19772Michael J Smith2003-03-13Re: [tied] Troj ( it was ancient sources)
19773Michael J Smith2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Celts/Gauls
19774Michael J Smith2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Celts/Gauls
19775Michael J Smith2003-03-13migration?
19776Antonio Sciarretta2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19777P&G2003-03-13Re: [tied] Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE
19778P&G2003-03-13Re: [tied] ] Hellenic and Thracian
19779andelkod2003-03-13Zagreb & Agram
19780Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-13Re: [tied] migration?
19781Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-13Re: [tied] migration?
19782tgpedersen2003-03-13Re: Germanic Scythians?
19783Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19784tgpedersen2003-03-13[tied] Re: The Philistines
19785tgpedersen2003-03-13[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19786tgpedersen2003-03-13Re: migration?
19787tgpedersen2003-03-13[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19788Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19789Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19790george knysh2003-03-13Re: [tied] Agamemnon?
19791tgpedersen2003-03-13Re: Germanic Scythians?
19792Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
19793Brian M. Scott2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19794m_iacomi2003-03-13Re: [tied] Lucifer
19795Miguel Carrasquer2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: migration?
19796Miguel Carrasquer2003-03-13Re: [tied] Re: The Philistines
19797tgpedersen2003-03-13Re: The Philistines
19798tgpedersen2003-03-13[tied] Re: migration?
19799tgpedersen2003-03-13Re: Germanic Scythians?
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