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71700dgkilday572014-03-16Re: Verner's Law for *-ns-á > *-nz-á
71701Joao S. Lopes2014-03-16Re: [tied] Re: Verner's Law for *-ns-á > *-nz-á
71702koenraad_elst2014-03-26Talageri vs. Hock
71703koenraad_elst2014-03-26The Leipzig workshop on IE
71704Joao S. Lopes2014-03-28Hebraic Sara/Sarai "princesse" < PIE *sor- "woman"
71705A. da Mek2014-03-28Re: Hebraic Sara/Sarai "princesse" < PIE *sor- "woman"
71706grvs@...2014-03-28Sv: [tied] The Leipzig workshop on IE
71707Joao S. Lopes2014-03-31Re: Hebraic Sara/Sarai "princesse" < PIE *sor- "woman"
71708dgkilday572014-04-01Re: [tied] Re: Verner's Law for *-ns-á > *-n z-á
71709cybalist@yahoogroups.com2014-04-01File - Rules.txt
71710Joao S. Lopes2014-04-01Re: [tied] Re: Verner's Law for *-ns-á > *-n z-á
71711Joao S. Lopes2014-04-01Re: [tied] Re: Verner's Law for *-ns-á > *-n z-á
71713caotope2014-04-13Dating *e > *i in Germanic
71714dgkilday572014-04-18Re: Dating *e > *i in Germanic
71715caotope2014-04-18Re: Dating *e > *i in Germanic
71716gprosti2014-04-21Re: Dating *e > *i in Germanic
71717Joao S. Lopes2014-04-24Hydronyms and Toponyms, what *Mori- can tell us.
71718Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2014-04-25Re: Hydronyms and Toponyms, what *Mori- can tell us.
71719dgkilday572014-04-25Re: Dating *e > *i in Germanic
71720Joao S. Lopes2014-04-25Re: Hydronyms and Toponyms, what *Mori- can tell us.
71721caotope2014-04-29Re: Dating *e > *i in Germanic
71722gprosti2014-04-29Re: Dating *e > *i in Germanic
71723Joao S. Lopes2014-05-01Greppin, John Skt. Garuda, Gk. géranos: The Battle of the Cranes
71724dgkilday572014-05-01Re: Dating *e > *i in Germanic
71725Piotr Gasiorowski2014-05-01Re: [tied] Greppin, John Skt. Garuda, Gk. géranos: The Battle of th
71726bmscotttg2014-05-01Re: [tied] Greppin, John Skt. Garuda, Gk. géranos: The Battle of t
71727cybalist@yahoogroups.com2014-05-01File - Rules.txt
71728caotope2014-05-01Re: Finnic loanwords (was: Dating *e > *i in Germanic)
71729caotope2014-05-01Re: Dating *e > *i in Germanic
71730caotope2014-05-01Re: Finnic loanwords (was: Dating *e > *i in Germanic)
71731gprosti2014-05-02Re: Finnic loanwords (was: Dating *e > *i in Germanic)
71732anthonyappleyard2014-05-03Primitive Irish
71733Joao S. Lopes2014-05-04nebHos:nebH(e)los - wetos : wet(e)lo - a common trend?
71734dgkilday572014-05-07Re: Finnic loanwords (was: Dating *e > *i in Germanic)
71735Brian M. Scott2014-05-08Re: Primitive Irish
71736dgkilday572014-05-08Re: Dating *e > *i in Germanic
71737Joao S. Lopes2014-05-13Atlas, a Mountain in Arcadia
71738Joao S. Lopes2014-05-15Norse gandr (monster) = Gandharva?
71739kalyan2014-05-15Central Asia Thesis of Vedic Civilization: Vedic solution of Indo-Eu
71740anthonyappleyard2014-05-20Re: Primitive Irish
71741dgkilday572014-05-20Re: ubuppa
71742Joao S. Lopes2014-05-24Where's the true Roman Mythology?
71743Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2014-05-26Fabian, "Das exozentrische kompositum im deutschen"?
71744cybalist@yahoogroups.com2014-06-01File - Rules.txt
71745anglom_872014-06-12PGmc indefinite suffixes
71746Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2014-06-16Kitson, "British and European River Names"?
71747Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2014-06-17Re: Kitson, "British and European River Names"?
71749Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2014-06-17Re: egg
71750dgkilday572014-06-28Re: Meaning and analysis of *Dye:us
71751cybalist@yahoogroups.com2014-07-01File - Rules.txt
71752oalexandre2014-07-01Re: Rome
71753Joao S. Lopes2014-07-02Re: Rome
71754oalexandre2014-07-05Re: Rome
71755Joao S. Lopes2014-07-06*bHoHd- batiz/bhadra/hubaDra
71756oalexandre2014-07-07Test message
71757S. Kalyanaraman2014-07-09Interminable debate on Indus writing continues with Richard Sproat's
71758Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2014-07-21Test message
71759dgkilday572014-07-26adé:n, parthénos
71760Joao S. Lopes2014-07-26Re: [tied] adé:n, parthénos
71761Joao S. Lopes2014-07-26Re: [tied] adé:n, parthénos
71762dgkilday572014-07-27Re: [tied] adé:n, parthénos
71764olati52014-07-29Re: adé:n, parthénos
71765dgkilday572014-07-30Re: PIE six and seven: questions
71766Bhrihskwobhloukstroy2014-07-31Re: fu:mus
71767cybalist@yahoogroups.com2014-08-01File - Rules.txt
71769oalexandre2014-08-07Re: Latin acipe:nser "sturgeon"
71770dgkilday572014-08-08Re: Latin acipe:nser "sturgeon"
71771oalexandre2014-08-08Re: Latin acipe:nser "sturgeon"
71772dgkilday572014-08-12Re: Latin acipe:nser "sturgeon"
71774oalexandre2014-08-12Re: Latin acipe:nser "sturgeon"
71775oalexandre2014-08-12Re: Latin acipe:nser "sturgeon"
71776oalexandre2014-08-16Re: Portuguese buraco "hole"
71777Joao S. Lopes2014-08-19Uvular trill's origins
71778cybalist@yahoogroups.com2014-09-01File - Rules.txt
71779caotope2014-09-03Re: Uvular trill's origins
71780anglom_872014-09-04Gmc *-ingaz, *-ungō
71781dgkilday572014-09-07Re: Gmc *-ingaz, *-ungō
71783cewhalen2014-09-08Re: Gmc *-ingaz, *-ungō
71784anglom_872014-09-08Re: Gmc *-ingaz, *-ungō
71785tigeradolf2014-09-19Ancient Greek ψεύδω/ψεύδομαι and Albanian hut/hutë/hut
71787richardwordingham2014-09-20Re: loading
71788Brian M. Scott2014-09-20loading
71789Grzegorz Jagodziński2014-09-21Re: [Bulk] [tied] Ancient Greek ψεύδω/ψεύδομαι and Alba
71790tigeradolf2014-09-21Re: [Bulk] [tied] Ancient Greek ψεύδω/ψεύ δομαι and Alb
71791oalexandre2014-09-23Re: loading
71792Grzegorz Jagodziński2014-09-23Re: loading
71793oalexandre2014-09-25Re: loading
71794cewhalen2014-09-25Re: [Bulk] [tied] Ancient Greek ψεύδω/ψεύ δομαι and Alb
71795eyunnis2014-09-26Haya (Horse)
71796Joao S. Lopes2014-09-27Re: Haya (Horse)
71797Flaviano Matos2014-09-27Re: [Bulk] [tied] Re: loading
71798radha_canada2014-09-27Re: Haya (Horse)
71799oalexandre2014-09-28Re: [Bulk] [tied] Re: loading
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